A group of powerful Chinese business leaders
have set off on an eight-day Canadian tour
that will connect them with Canada's corporate and political elite.
Canada's business community is set to roll out a red carpet.


There are deep links between these Chinese billionaires and the Chinese leadership.
In China, it's really very difficult to achieve great wealth
unless you have a strongly collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship
with the Chinese Communist Party's decision makers.

Canada's founding father -- the first prime minister -- must be crying from the spirit-world watching the take-over of his country by the Chinese. This is a scenario John A Macdonald warned about 130 years ago when Canada became a nation extending coast to coast. Macdonald's policy was that the Chinese were an alien race who, if allowed to immigrate to Canada and become citizens, would consume the Anglo-Saxon people who had colonized, civilized and developed the country.

Macdonald's policy on native Indians was that they should assimilate and become equal citizens with Anglo-Saxons through education. Macdonald, like USA President Lincoln, gave no preferential treatment to Indians in regard to the law -- he hanged Riel, the criminal francophone-Indian (Metis), just as Lincoln mass-hanged the criminal/murdering/raping Sioux Indians.



Sir John Alexander Macdonald (11 January 1815 - 6 June 1891)

was the first Prime Minister of Canada (1867-1873, 1878-1891).
The dominant figure of Canadian Confederation,
he had a political career which spanned almost half a century.
Macdonald's greatest achievements were
building and guiding a successful national government for the new Dominion...
and building the transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway.

MacdonaldChineseIndians MacdonaldChineseIndians

Our first Prime Bigot
Macdonald was a racist, colonizer and misogynist --
much like all Canadians then

In 1887, the first of Vancouver's many anti-Chinese riots had just broken out when Sir John A Macdonald stood up in the House of Commons to propose further measures to keep out the Chinese. The Chinese took white jobs, he said. The Chinese would breed a "mongrel" race in British Columbia and threaten the "Aryan" character of the Dominion. Altogether, the prospect of having white working classes living alongside Chinese could lead only to "evil". But in an odd aside, Macdonald admitted that he was supporting the policy largely because he was running a country full of racists. "On the whole, it is considered not advantageous to the country that the Chinese should come and settle in Canada", said Macdonald. "That may be right or it may be wrong, it may be prejudice or otherwise, but the prejudice is near universal".

Although they were laying the groundwork for one of the world's most tolerant nations, the Canadians of 1867 largely took white supremacy for granted. Blacks were barred from staying in Toronto hotels. The average British Columbian saw Asians as a threat to racial purity. And almost everybody was fine with the expectation that the native way of life would soon be extinct. On Sir John A Macdonald's 200th birthday, the country's founding prime minister has no shortage of critics to deem him a racist, a colonizer and a misogynist. They're right on all counts, but the man who founded Canada was the product of an age that made Archie Bunker look like Mahatma Gandhi....

Criticisms of Macdonald generally centre on his policies concerning non-white Canadians. In short, he worked to keep out the Chinese, smashed Metis rebellions and set Canadian First Nations on track to decades of poverty and isolation. But almost nobody gets a pass in 19th century Canada.... Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Macdonald's Liberal successor, was famously responsible for boosting the Chinese head tax to $500 in 1903. In 1886, Laurier told the House of Commons that it was moral for Canada to take lands from "savage nations" so long as they paid adequate compensation. A native-ruled Canada would "forever have remained barren and unproductive, but which under civilised rule would afford homes and happiness to teeming millions", he said. Below the border, even Abraham Lincoln, Macdonald's 1860s contemporary, held the view that as soon as the Civil War was over, the United States should get to work shipping all its black people back to Africa. As the 16th president said in 1858, "there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality". Compared to the age he inhabited, say defenders, Macdonald was comparatively tolerant. He hung out with Irishmen, he had native friends, he urged unity with French speakers and he candidly acknowledged that the Canadian project was not going well for the country's indigenous inhabitants. "At all events, the Indians have been great sufferers by the discovery of America, and the transfer to it of a large white population", he said in 1880.

Macdonald oversaw the execution of Louis Riel, yes, but the man had staged two violent rebellions against his government.... In addition to being Canada's first and longest serving prime minister, Macdonald remains the country's longest-serving aboriginal affairs minister. Serving in the post from 1878 to 1888, he laid the groundwork for basically every institution now blamed for the horrid state of Ottawa-aboriginal relations: The Indian Act, Indian Residential Schools and an over-bureaucratized Department of Indian Affairs. "First Nations people in Saskatchewan, I would bet you $5 to a person, consider Macdonald the agent of their subjugation", said University of Regina professor James Daschuk.... His book, Clearing the Plains, based on 20 years of research, outlines how Canada capitalized on famine and disease in the prairies to force native populations to relocate to reserves well away from the coming railroad. Mr Daschuk notes that the evidence can still be seen on maps. In the once-populous areas southwest of Regina, there are only two First Nations reserves -- both of which were established after the railroad was finished. It was understandable for Macdonald to build a railroad to British Columbia or even pursue a policy of assimilation.... The first Prime Minister was also somewhat progressive in his belief in Aboriginal title as something to be extinguished with treaties. Other politicians of the era reasoned that the natives had never owned the land in the first place, so it was free for the taking. In the 1880s, a landmark Ontario court decision ruled that "there is no Indian title in law or in equity. The claim of the Indians is simply moral and no more"....

~ end quoting Macdonald a bigot like all Canadians then ~

MacdonaldStatueDesecrated MacdonaldStatueDesecrated

The desecration of the statue of Sir John A Macdonald on the occasion of his 200th birthday in January 2015 is symbolic of what the Red Chinese and Indians think of Canada's founding father and most honoured Prime Minister -- they hate him and call him "racist". The Chinese hate Macdonald because he imposed a "head tax" on them and limited the number who could come to Canada. And the Indians hate Macdonald because he expected them to attain equality to the white man -- including responsibilities -- and said they didn't own the land.

ChineseImmigrationAct     MacdonaldNationalPolicy

But since John A Macdonald died 125 years ago, they sure aren't making Prime Ministers like they used to.

PrimeMinisterCanada PrimeMinisterCanada

Now, in Canada, the Indians and the Chinese run the show and "Anglo-Saxon" is a hate-word meaning "white supremacist racist". Canada's politicians, from all parties, Conservative and Liberal, pound the Indian drum and kowtow to the Chinese.

ChinaBuyCanada TrudeauChinaFatherSon


This brings us back to the headline at the top of the page announcing that Chinese billionaires -- agents really of the Communist Chinese government -- are in Canada being wined and dined by our Prime Minister and other high-level politicians and corrupted chief executives of businesses large and small eager to sell-out for 'thirty pieces of silver' to an enemy nation. Notice Canada's current prime minister 'Trudeau Two' sharing a laugh in Beijing with the head of the Chinese billionaires club. It's symbolic of the laughing Chinese statues erected down on English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2012 -- exactly where in 1887 Canadians rioted against Chinese immigration and Prime Minister Macdonald heard their call.

ChinaLaughFront ChinaLaughCanada ChinaMoonCanada

Canada's ship of state is sinking so fast it's beyond time to shout MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY... and anyway, who's there to come to our rescue?

CSISheadFadden ChinaCanadaParliament

Six years ago when the head of CSIS (Canada's Security Intelligence Service) warned we the people that communist Chinese agents had infiltrated all levels of government and were influencing politicians and corporations he was demoted by the prime minister at the time and then fired -- 'took early retirment' -- when the current prime minister came to power.

When communist take-over plans on the USA (by Russia) came to the attention of President Kennedy in October 1962 -- the Cuban Missile Crisis -- JFK went on national television to warn the American people of the 'clear and present danger' and what he planned to do about it.


JFKPressConfCrowd JFKPressConference
watch JFK's Last Press Conference, November 14, 1963

JFK couldn't be fired, as could Canada's whistle-blower -- the head of CSIS when he warned of a communist take-over by China -- but a year later the President of the United States was assassinated. And, coincidently, it was just a week after JFK's last direct talk to the people of the nation where he'd said the USA would not be trading with Communist China.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, November 3, 2016

*Note: The president of China's name is Xi Jinping and consists of three syllables, the first being his family name, the two remaining being his personal name. The way to pronounce Xi Jinping is to say SHEE JIN PING. If you want to take a shot at the tones, they should be rising, falling and rising respectively... Wikipedia

ChinaLeaderCommieXi All hail Xi, China's third 'core' leader (Chinese president Xi Jinping is to be put on par with former paramount leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping whose authority must not be challenged), by Wu Zhong, AsiaTimes, October 23, 2016 (...All five strategic zones of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) have pledged their allegiance to Xi. The significance of Xi being endorsed as "core" leader is to keep the thinking and actions of all party members in line with the party central leadership with Xi as the "core". In other words, no challenge to Xi's authority shall be tolerated.)

ChinaTourCanada ChinaTourCanada2 China's billionaires club of entrepreneurs embarks on cross-Canada tour (tour follows Canada Prime Minister's recent trip to China and Chinese Premier's stay in Canada)
by Andy Blatchford, CBC, Oct 16, 2016
A group of powerful Chinese business leaders set off on an eight-day Canadian tour Sunday that will connect them with Canada's corporate and political elite, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.... During those meetings, Trudeau promoted his government's goal of broadening Canada's economic links with the Asian superpower. He made commitments that included the launch of exploratory talks on free trade with the world's second-biggest economy....The China Entrepreneur Club is now hoping to deepen ties with Canada even further. Canada's relationship with its second-largest trading partner was considered inconsistent under the previous Conservative government.... "We have a large population and we are in a very long process of urbanization. And the consumer market is growing as well, and it will grow for a very long time", Cheng said in a phone interview through an interpreter. "I think the private companies in China have now grown into a size that can use a larger resource partner to further improve the Chinese market". China is increasingly interested in Canada's agriculture, energy and fisheries industries, she said. Canada's business community is set to roll out a red carpet for the visiting club members, according to a program of the visit prepared by the group....

The Making of Michael Chan, by Craig Offman, GlobeMail, Feb 23, 2016
Michael Chan is a rare politician. Ontario's Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade considers himself a middleman between domestic and foreign interests, a commercial conduit between his province and the Middle Kingdom. "For me, it is how I am able to bridge Canada and China", he told The Globe and Mail in an interview in his Queen's Park office. "I can be in a position to promote both jurisdictions for the benefit of the people. I think that's important". But Mr Chan's bridge-building mission once troubled the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. As The Globe reported on Tuesday, CSIS was concerned the minister was too close to the Chinese consulate, prompting a senior official to formally caution the province about the minister's alleged conduct in a briefing that took place in the weeks around August, 2010. The focus on Mr Chan comes as Canada moves closer to populous, powerful China, needing its economic muscle but wary of its strong-arm tactics on domestic and overseas opponents. Canada's largest province craves those business links to China, and Mr Chan is its man. But in this delicate environment, CSIS officials were not the only ones expressing leeriness about Mr Chan's ties to China....

ChineseChanMPsuenewspaper Cabinet minister Michael Chan sues Globe and Mail for $4.55 million (over articles suggesting he is a risk to national security because of his ties to China), TorontoStar, Jul 17, 2015

MacdonaldChinaNo Sure, John A Macdonald was a racist, colonizer and misogynist (but so were most Canadians back then), by Tristin Hopper, NationalPost, Jan 10, 2015

ChinaSpyEmbassy Chinese spies get easy ride in Canada, by EmbassyMagazine, Jul 27, 2011 (CSIS, including director Richard Fadden, has warned about Chinese spying in Canada.... But Canada's "new era" of business-friendly relations with China, recently highlighted by the Foreign Minister's trip, has led to a hesitation by government to pursue legal action against spies....)

CSIS Fadden watch CSIS Director Richard Fadden Interview, CBC-TV, June 22, 2010

ChinaRichCommunists Nine of 10 richest Chinese related to top cadres: report, VancouverSun, Aug 8, 2009 (A report that claims that nine out of ten of China's millionaires are relatives of senior Communist party cardres has been firmly denied by the Chinese government. The report which first appeared last month in TIME WEEKLY, a Chinese magazine, quickly caused a sensation on the Internet in China. It cited a joint project between several senior government research bodies and the publicity minister that claimed 91 percent of the 3,220 people in China worth over 100 million yuan ($15 million Cdn) were children of senior cadres. TIME WEEKLY also quoted Cai Jiming, a member of the standing committee of the Chinese Communist Party Political Consultative Conference as saying 0.4% percent of China's population controlled 70 per cent of the country's wealth. The PEOPLE'S DAILY, the mouthpiece of the party, has now published a comprehensive rebuttal of the claims, including an admission from TIME WEEKLY that it had not contacted Cai Jiming and a statement from the publicity ministry denying that it had produced the research. "The propagation of this set of fake data shows once again the power of the Internet to distribute and amplify information", said the PEOPLE'S DAILY. The issue of whether the children of China's leaders are favoured is intensely sensitive, and the Communist government often censors mentions of its "princelings" -- many of whom run large companies, including state-owned giants.

IndiansMassHanging Largest mass hanging in United States history, Mankato, Minnesota, December 16, 1862 (...President Lincoln notified General Sibley that he should "cause to be executed" 39 of the 303 convicted Santees. Execution date was the 26th of December. At the last minute, one Indian was given a reprieve. About ten o'clock the 38 condemned men were marched from the prison to the scaffold. They sang the Sioux death song until soldiers pulled white caps over their heads and placed nooses around their necks. At a signal from an army officer, the control rope was cut and 38 Santee Sioux dangled lifeless in the air....)

China ships thru NWP challenge Canada authority
GlobeNWP ChinaShipNWP MapNWP
(Canada approved China's scientific research)
Globe/Geo/Huff, Oct 10, 2017
LeninMao Laugh ChinaLaughBig ChinaMoonCdn
& Big Brother's Brotherhood

ChinaShipNWP China used research mission to test trade route through Canada's Northwest Passage, GlobeMail, Sep 10, 2017
China's official government news agency says Beijing used a scientific icebreaker voyage through Canada's Northwest Passage to test the viability of sailing Chinese cargo ships through the environmentally fragile route that links the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Xinhua News Agency, often used to deliver messages on behalf of the Chinese state, lauded the Sept. 6 completion of the first-ever Chinese voyage through the Arctic waterway, saying the Snow Dragon icebreaker "accumulated a wealth of experience for Chinese ships going through the Northwest Passage in the future." Beijing's state news agency said the Arctic route through Canadian waters can reduce the delivery time for Chinese cargo ships by 20 per cent. "It opened up a new sea lane for China," the news agency said. "From Shanghai to New York, the traditional route that passes through the Panama Canal is 10,500 nautical miles, while the route that passes through the Northwest Passage is 8,600 nautical miles, which saves 7 days of time." Xinhua also reported that China sent six merchant ships through Russia's Northeast Passage this summer as the world's second-largest economy hopes to take advantage of melting Arctic sea ice to speed the delivery of goods to North America and European markets. Canada demands that foreign vessels ask permission before sailing through the Northwest Passage. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland's office said last week that Canada granted its approval on the basis that China was conducting scientific research. A team of Canadian scientists were also on board as well as a Canadian navigator. A senior government official, who was not authorized to speak on the record, told The Globe and Mail that "China may say whatever it wants to a domestic audience [but] that does not mean it reflects the reality of what happened here." Adam Austen, the press secretary to Ms. Freeland, echoed the senior official's viewpoint, saying the Snow Dragon mission was solely a "scientific expedition" and China's desire to use the Northwest Passage for shipping is not a done deal. "All commercial voyages through Canada's territorial waters, including the Northwest Passage require an application," Mr. Austen said. "While we permit commercial traffic through our domestic waters, we expect that ships comply with our strict laws on safety, security and the protection of the environment. All cases are evaluated on an individual basis."

GlobeNWP China looks to Northwest Passage for fasther shipping, CanadianGeographic (with files from Xiao Xu), Apr 26, 2016
As the Arctic warms due to climate change, China has expressed its intention to use the Northwest Passage for cargo shipping. The passage -- which is opening as Arctic sea ice vanishes -- would be a much quicker approach to transporting goods, with Chinese reports estimating it to be 30 per cent faster than using the Panama Canal, the traditional route for connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It would also offer an alternate option to the North Sea Passage, which is regulated by Russia. "Once this route is commonly used, it will directly change global maritime transportation and have a profound influence on international trade, the world economy, capital flow and resource exploitation," Liu Pengfei, a spokesman for China’s Maritime Safety Administration, told reporters last week. China is becoming a major investor in the north, with a $2 billion mining investment in Greenland and a free trade agreement with Iceland -- the first signed free trade agreement between China and a European country. But China is also looking for quicker ways to transport manufactured goods. The only problem is the question of Northwest Passage governance. Canada claims ownership of the waters, citing the historical importance of the region. Joseph Pickerill, a spokesman for foreign minister Stephane Dion, said there should be no presumptions of right of transit in the Northwest Passage. “We welcome navigation that complies with our rules and regulations. Canada has an unfettered right to regulate internal waters,” Pickerill told Reuters in an email. The matter remains up for debate, though China claims ships in the Northwest Passage will be bearing the Chinese flag soon. Arctic expert and professor Rob Huebert, who tracked the Snow Dragon's voyage using satellite imagery, said he was surprised the Chinese were so blunt in revealing their clear intentions for the Northwest Passage. "They are preparing for a very substantial increase in the amount of shipping. It is obvious this is going into the planning to a degree that we don't see in Western shipping companies," Prof. Huebert said. "They have given us clear notice this is going to happen." Prof. Huebert, who teaches at the University of Calgary's Centre for Military and Strategic Studies, said he is not convinced the Canadian government is prepared to handle large-scale Chinese shipping through this waterway and to ensure China respects the Arctic Waters Pollution Prevention Act.... For some years, [Communist China] state-owned Cosco -- which is China's largest shipping group -- has been exploring the potential of the Arctic as a new and reliable global trade route. Using the Arctic would allow Chinese cargo ships to provide faster delivery without having to worry about monsoons in the Indian Ocean, armed pirates on other routes or paying fees to pass through the Suez or Panama canals. In early July, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev agreed to explore co-operation on the northern sea route to build a "Silk Road on Ice". Chinese state media have called the Northwest Passage a "golden waterway" for future trade; 90 per cent of China's exports are by ship. China has no Arctic territory, but has been attempting to play a larger role in the region and gained observer status at the Arctic Council in 2013.... Canada claims sovereignty over the Northwest Passage based on historic title -- a status conveyed by the Canadian Inuit's usage of those waters. This claim has long been challenged by the United States, which considers the passage an international strait through which Americans are entitled transit rights. Nonetheless, the United States does notify Canada when its vessels are passing through the channel. Prof. Huebert said it will be important for Canada to ensure that Chinese shipping companies request Canadian authorization before they venture into the Northwest Passage. "If [China] brings containers in, the first one will be important in that they follow our procedures for requesting permission," he said. "If they start coming in and get sloppy and they start not asking for consent, then the Americans will quite rightly say you are not enforcing it and therefore it is an international straight. And that is the real danger."

MapNWP China's Northwest Passage Ambitions Could Challenge Canada's Sovereignty, HuffingtonPost, Apr 22, 2016
China wants to run tankers right up our Northwest Passage. Not to find the hand of Franklin. But to ship goods to North America's East Coast and challenge Canadian jurisdiction over Arctic waters. A guidebook produced by China's Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) shows that the People's Republic wants to use Canada's northern waters as a shortcut to the Atlantic, The Globe and Mail reported. Ships currently have to reach it through the Panama Canal -- a route that takes about 40 per cent more time. The 365-page "Arctic Navigation Guide (Northwest Passage)" pitches the Northwest Passage as a shipping route by noting that the Nunavik, an ore-carrying ship, made the first unsupported voyage from Deception Bay, Que. to China in 2014. "There will be ships with Chinese flags sailing through this route in the future," MSA spokesman Liu Pengfei said Tuesday.... The Northwest Passage is a route that runs from the Pacific to the Atlantic Oceans via a series of channels through the Arctic.... Canada has asserted its jurisdiction, over the Northwest Passage -- but other countries, such as the United States, claim the region is international waters. China hasn't said where it stands on Canada's authority over the waters. But there are concerns over whether Canada even has the resources to assert its sovereignty there. Observers say Canada needs more than the five icebreakers it currently has on hand. China's interest in the Northwest Passage could represent "the biggest direct challenge" to Canada's sovereignty over the waters, University of Calgary professor Rob Huebert told The Globe and Mail. For its part, the federal government is paying close attention. Joseph Pickerill, a spokesman for Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion, told The Guardian that no one has an automatic right to sail through the passage...

Chinese billionaires on Canada shopping tour
MacdonaldChineseIndians MacdonaldStatueDesecrated
Canada's founding father first prime bigot
(proposed measures to keep out Chinese)
CBC/NationalPost, Nov 3, 2016

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35.Big Brother's Brotherhood

Indian Helpless CopsHelpedIndians Indian FlagMask
Various, Oct 13, 2016
Big Brother's Rulers

ChinaOilCanadaOwn ChinaBeaverTrap ChinaBeaverPanda
China wants free trade deal with Canada
ChinaHasThePuck ChinaCanadaLeaders
Why Canada should avoid China free trade
News, Sep 26, 2016

ChinaDragonOverCanada TrudeaSeekChinaWorkers
Canada seeks to attract Chinese workers
TrudeauShedShirtJobs TrudeauPhotoBombWorker TrudeauShirtlesCartoon
Trudeau on shirtless vacation amid job losses
GlobeMail/HuffPost, Aug 16, 2016

6.Super-States and 7.Systems of Thought and 35.Big Brother's Brotherhood

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