Bomb Signature


A rope can be separated into two pieces many different ways. It can be cut with a sharp knife; pulled apart by force from both ends; burned until it breaks; disolved by a chemical to name a few. The manner in which it was divided would be apparent to anyone holding the two pieces or seeing them laid out before them.

If cut by a knife the ends would be even; if pulled apart the ends would be stretched and thinned out; if burned over a candle or a lighter the ends would be melted or charred; if dissolved in a chemical the ends would be mushy and weak. In all cases it would be possible for an observant lay person to figure out how the rope was divided.

In our daily lives we use our powers of observation and deduction on a regular basis. If we see a brown spot on the grass we arrive at a conclusion about how it got there. It could be a dog urinating or an over-application of fertilizer or pesticide or a golf-club throwing a tuft. Sometimes just by looking at it we can figure it out. Sometimes we have to combine our senses of touch or smell.

In all cases the underlying cause of the damage leaves behind a "signature" of itself. As observers we recognize certain signatures. In a way we're all forensic scientists with the ability to apply sound reason to physical properties.

With that in mind take a look at the federal building in Oklahoma City after its destruction and recongnize for yourself the "signature" left behind by the force that was involved. Notice the size of the structure compared to the vehicles and people on ground level.

Bomb Circles

Now look at the roof of the building and notice the large semi-circular gouges and the smaller circular gouges surrounding them. Those are tell-tale signs of a particular kind of force pushing aside matter as it explodes. That force could not have originated on the ground nine-floors down. Nor could it have originated from a force as weak as that created by a mere "air" bomb.

Bomb experts have written reports on the nature of the bomb required to do the damage evidenced in the Murrah building:


The bomb(s) left their tell-tale signatures and a fertilizer-explosive is not the culprit. You don't have to read the bomb reports to recognize the signature. A picture is worth a thousand words. ~ Jackie Jura

People on NW 6 run away from the Murrah building (after officials discovered what was thought to be a second bomb in the wreckage). OK Bombing Investigations Committee

MURRAH BUILDING PHOTOS (reader Lisa Ghariani sends email with link to her web page with photos she took of MURRAH BUILDING IMPLOSION on May 24, 1995)


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