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Further to the revelation that the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement is a Communist front organization which, in partnership with corporations, brought in billions of dollars last year, and whose lesbian co-founder owns four ritzy million-dollar homes in the USA and one in the Bahamas. See WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER linked below.

FLMleaderMarxist BLMfounderBuyHomes BLMCommieFlag

Here's an example of another Black megastar making publicity for a corporation -- Nike -- while pretending to be anti-corporation -- and reaping in millions of dollars -- from anonymous sources -- as registered on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The system is, in effect, CORPORATE COMMUNISM or what Orwell called OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM. It's known worldwide as THE COMMUNIST CONSPIRACY FOR WORLD DOMINATION -- INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISM, ie COMINTERN for short.

Orwell knew what he was talking about when he warned, in 1984, that BIG BROTHER -- the organization that rules the world -- is a dedicated sect doing evil.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, May 2021

PS - Canada's current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is suspected, as was his father, former prime minister Pierre, of being a Communist tool.

TrudeauKneeBlack TrudeauBlacksTakeKneek

With that in mind, above is Trudeau, during COVID lockdown, "taking the knee" in solidarity with BLACK LIVES MATTER demonstrators on Parliament Hill, our equivalent of Capitol Hill in the USA. BLM has branches here in Canada.

PPS - The co-founder of BLACK LIVES MATTER is an admitted Communist and the movement is openly funded by Corporations, including tech -- ie Google etc -- which, according to Bloomberg News, donated over $4.6 billion dollars last year. Corporate funding enables national protests, ie transportation of protesters to the sites and paraphenalia needed -- ie banners including for LGBTQ, which is backed by BLM, as well as massive media -- Orwellian Ministry of Truth (Lies) -- coverage:


Tech companies made #BlackLivesMatter pledges totaling $4.6 billion... After the murder of George Floyd last year prompted widespread protests, dozens of companies released public pledges to promote racial justice... The pledges could have a serious impact. Their finanical commitments surpassed $4.6 billion, more than double the amount of pledges made the previous six years combined...

Lil Nas X Grinds on Satan in Gayest Pop Video of All Time
Pride, March 26, 2021

The 21-year-old rapper just dropped the new song and music video for "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" and it's already making shockwaves on social media. While the song asks a lover "to stop pretending with his significant other and act on a first-name basis", according to Genius, the video depicts X in the Garden of Eden being tempted by sin, being stoned for acting on his desires, having the option to go up to heaven and instead taking hold of a stripper pole where he descends into hell, meets Satan, and then proceeds to ride him. The video from the Grammy-winning artist is already pissing off conservative viewers, but X knew exactly what he was doing. "Y'all love saying we going to hell but get upset when I actually go there lmao", he tweeted. And in anticipation of the outrage, he joked "I'm gonna be so pissed if I don't get any Illuminati conspiracy videos. I worked so hard for this". Even through the ridiculousness of it all, it's definitely a moment for Lil Nas X and gay representation in pop culture at large. The song and video is unabashedly queer. One of the lyrics reads "shoot a child in your mouth while I'm ridin", and watching a Black pop star strut around in underwear and heels and be embraced by much of the public and his fans feels momentous. X wrote an emotional letter to his younger self. "I know we promised to never come out publicly, I know we promised to never be 'that' type of gay person, I know we promised to die with the secret, but this will open doors for many other queer people to simply exist". X also shared a supportive and encouraging text from his father.

watch Lil Nas X Call Me By Your Name listen

lyrics by Montero Lamar Hill better known by stage name Lil Nas X
(born April 9, 1999)

...You're cute enough to fuck with me tonight
Lookin' at the table, all I see is weed and white
Baby, you livin' the life, but nigga, you ain't livin' right...

I wanna sell what you're buyin'
I wanna feel on your ass in Hawaii
I want that jet lag from fuckin' and flyin'
Shoot a child in your mouth while I'm ridin'...

Cocaine and drinkin' with your friends
You live in the dark, boy, I cannot pretend
I'm not fazed, only here to sin
If Eve ain't in your garden, you know that you can...

Luke10:18 SatanicShoeLilNasX SatanicShoePair
Hail Satan -- Blood in 666 pairs of Nike shoes
Guardian, Apr 16, 2021

By now, you may have heard of the Satan shoes. In March, a "company" called MSCHF injected a drop of its employees' blood into the soles of 666 pairs of red-and-black Nike Air Max trainers. It added a pentagram-shaped charm to the laces, the words "Luke 10:18" -- a reference to the Bible passage, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven" -- along the side, and named them after the devil. The trainers went on sale for more than $1,000 (740-pounds) each; 665 sold in under a minute.

No one was more displeased by the Satan shoe, made in collaboration with the US rapper, Lil Nas X, than the company Nike. As Nike told the Guardian: "We do not have a relationship with Little Nas X or MSCHF. Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them". Within a week, Nike had obtained a temporary restraining order against MSCHF. By early April, MSCHF had agreed to accept "voluntary returns" as part of a settlement but, given the resale value running into thousands of dollars, it seems unlikely that any buyers would seek a refund. The remaining pair of Satan shoes resides in the Brooklyn headquarters of MSCHF, where 15 or so employees continue to design, develop and "drop" artwork, apps and clothes every two weeks. These range from trainers filled with holy water (Jesus shoes) to a 30,000-pound Damien Hirst spot painting cut into pieces (customers could bid on a single spot).

Founded in 2016 by the content whiz, Gabriel Whaley, and often dubbed "the Banksy of the internet" for its creative guerrilla-ism, it is perhaps easier to define MSCHF by what it is not. It is not a company in a traditional sense. They do not make commercial goods, are not open to clients, and do not work on anyone's behalf. Kevin Wiesner, 29, one of MSCHF's creative directors, describes it as an "art collective". "Performance art is another good term to use", he says. In a year largely without catwalks or in-store drops, the Satan shoes have become more of a talking point than any pair of Air Jordans or Yeezys. The Nike lawsuit simply reinforced their cult status. And it is this very culture of hype that drives MSCHF to make pieces such as the Satan shoes as "a send-up of consumerism". The Satan shoes are the latest in a long line of drops that are part-prank, part-social commentary, drawn from the French technique of detournement (taking a familiar image and making a version of it in direct opposition to its meaning) and shining a spotlight on the evils of capitalism. Warhol meets Duchamp. Or perhaps, the Vetements DHL t-shirt meets Banksy. Released in 2019, the Jesus shoes -- Nike trainers that contained water from the Jordan River and were blessed by a priest -- preceded the Satan shoes. Featuring frankincense-scented insoles and a crucifix pendant, they were one of the most Googled shoes of the year... Both shoes are intended to mock the religious fervour around global-scale corporations. "When you think about the Jesus shoes or Satan shoes, we are grabbing the cultural behemoth that is Christianity and using that as a building block. The next question obviously is: "where do you get another symbol that can stand on a level playing field with a cross"? he adds, possibly alluding to Nike's swoosh.

Yet while Nike took legal action over the Satan shoes, it ignored the Jesus version. Wiesner is not able to discuss the Nike settlement but queries it in a statement on MSCHF's cryptic website, adding that both trainers "conflate celebrity collab culture and brand worship with religious worship into a limited edition line of art objects". "There's also the idea, with the shoes in particular, that nothing is sacred -- whether that's Jesus, Satan, or a $43,000 Birkin bag", he says. The collective is not fashion-focused but fashion tends to inspire its most interesting work. For February's Birkinstocks it cut up four secondhand Hermes Birkin bags and grafted them on to Birkenstock cork soles to create "the most exclusive sandals ever made". As for the Banksy comparisons, "we'll take it", says Wiesner, though he prefers comparisons to Warhol, the KLF and Duchamp. Funding is unclear -- even secondhand Birkin bags can cost 20,000-pounds each, so how does a Brooklyn art collective buy four of them? According to the New York Times, which quoted the Securities and Exchange Commission, MSCHF has raised more than 8-million-pounds in "outside investments" since 2019. Wiesner maintains that, where relevant, selling things is part of the stunt. "The work isn't the shoe. It's the entire story around the shoe, in which the people who bought, the people who love it, and the people who desperately try to flip it for profit all enhance the overall work", he says. "When we see a system, we've gotta break it...the intensity of associations make it more potent to work with. "Capitalism! Hell yeah, we'll take it all on".

~ end quoting Hail Satan Nike shoes ~

Hail Satan Shoes, Guardian, April 16, 2021

Lil Nas X Grinds on Satan in Gayest Pop Video of All Time, Pride, March 26, 2021

N**** you ain't livin' right...I'm only here to sin, Lyrics, Call Me By Your Name

Lil Nas X's Sexed-Up 'Montero' Video Has Changed Everything for Queer Music Artists, Variety March 26, 2021
Last night, I saw something I didn't quite believe I ever would get to see: An openly gay music superstar indulging in a sex-and-drugs-and-sin video fantasy. In his instantly viral music video for his latest single, "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)", Lil Nas X is unabashedly queer and unmistakably horny (literally and figuratively), ending with a barely clad Nas giving a lap dance to the leather-clad devil, before he snaps Lucifer's neck. I don't think it's possible for me, a 41-year-old gay man, to overstate just how monumental it was to see a 21-year-old gay man express his sexuality on exactly the same terms -- and at the same level of fame, success and media attention -- his straight counterparts have enjoyed for decades. From the stripper pole, short shorts and pelvic undulations to the deliberatively provocative religious imagery, Nas evoked everyone from Madonna and Janet Jackson to Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, and in doing so proclaimed that he has every right to be just as brazen about his desires and titillating about his body. Other out music stars -- Frank Ocean, Scissor Sisters, Adam Lambert, Olly Alexander, Orville Peck -- have waded into the same territory, most recently Troye Sivan with his (self-proclaimed) bop about bottoming, "Bloom". But no music star who's achieved Nas' chart-topping, record-setting level of success and also come out has attempted anything on the scale of what Nas is doing with "Montero". Instead, historically, gay men who'd reached a similar career pinnacle at roughly the same age have either had to stay in the closet and sing about women -- see: New Kids on the Block's Jonathan Knight, NSYNC's Lance Bass, Ricky Martin -- or come out after establishing themselves and keep their sexuality in vaguely PG territory (if that). See: Elton John, George Michael, Michael Stipe, Mika and, again, Ricky Martin... Cut to Lil Nas X, grinding on Satan's lap in thigh-high stiletto boots, an image that made me feel old and young again all at once.... After decades of transposing our desires onto the fantasies projected by straight (or occasionally bisexual) women, here's Lil Nas X, providing gay men a sex idol all their own. The video is already nearing 5 million views in roughly 24 hours; any clutched pearls have been far, far outmatched by fists pumped and streams run on repeat. I cannot wait to see what he's up to next, and it seems I am far from alone. That's fabulous news for Nas and for any other queer artists who wish to follow in his footsteps. It's also, perhaps, bittersweet for the queer artists who've come before Nas, who could have hit these same heights would they were ever afforded the chance.

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(tech/drugs/porn/propaganda/mind manipulation)
Teaching kids the ABC of LGBTQ2SIA+

LGBTQ Pink Shirt & BIPOC Orange Shirt Pride
PinkShirtDay WearPinkWithPride OrangeShirtIndian
(combat homo/trans-phobia/bullying/discrimination)
Art Gallery hosting drag queen storytime for kids
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Artist portrays Canada PM consensual anal fisting
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What are kids really learning in school?
(keep mouth shut & take it up the butt)
LGBTQ perverts sexually assaulting children
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Drag Queens admit grooming kids to sexualize
News, February 2023
& 30.Love Instinct & Family

National Arts Centre hosting drag queen storytime for kids, TrueNorth, Feb 3, 2023
A free all-ages drag queen storytime featuring performers who do x-rated content will be held at the National Arts Centre (NAC). This comes after the federal theatre had to back out of a plan to provide a performance to an exclusively black audience over accusations of segregation... The Liberal government is also promoting a "fun-filled" drag queen story time for kids in Ottawa next Saturday as part of the capital region's "Winterlude" festivities. A Heritage Canada webpage advertises the February 11 outdoor performance by local drag queens Genesis and Ruby Foxglove... Last week, the NAC backed out of its controversial plan to have an evening of theatre reserved exclusively for an "all-black" audience. The event prompted public and international backlash over accusations of discrimination based on race.

WhiteLivesMatter AllLivesMatter BlackLivesMatter WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER

(Center for Disease Control recommends trying "glory holes" for safer sex during coronavirus)


(Tam is a puppet of the WHO, which is a puppet of communist China.)

(video shows the former First Family waving their hands and bobbing their heads during "N***** in Paris"...)


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