To Orwell Today,
re: BBC-2 Wall-to-Wall Orwell programme

Dear Jackie,

I contacted Wall To Wall by emailing regarding purchasing a VHS copy of ORWELL: MY LIFE IN PICTURES and received a reply via . She said that although the programme isn't available as a retail video or DVD, they could make me a one off VHS copy of the programme, and proceeded to give me payment information. So I'd suggest that anyone interested in purchasing the programme email

Of course, I'm very excited. I can hardly wait to see the programme, and I'll be sure to give you my review of it.

Thanks again for your help. I hope this was helpful.

Danae McGill

Greetings Danae,

Thanks for sending the info on how to get a copy of GEORGE ORWELL: MY LIFE IN PICTURES. I've now ordered a VHS copy (in NTSC format for America as opposed to the PAL format used in UK) and am excitedly awaiting its arrival.

I look forward to receiving your review of it and will post my thoughts as well.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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