I'm really starting to notice [2002] how Orwellian the United States' and the rest of the free-world's relationship is with Russia and China. In "1984" Orwell said "the three super-states prop one another up like three sheaves of corn", and that they never fight against each other. Instead they use the nations of the "Disputed Territories" as their battle-grounds.

Look at poor Afghanistan, the epitome of a "Disputed Territory" if ever there was one. During the ten years that the Russians were bombing it, the United States, Canada or Britain did nothing to come to its defense. See FEEDING FREEDOM'S FOES. Then after Afghanistan defeated the Russians - with help from Saudi Arabia's Osama bin Laden - the so-called Taliban from Pakistan moved in. And what did the Western World do about this? Did they start bombing Pakistan, home of the Taliban? No, they started bombing Afghanistan "looking for" the Taliban.

Don't you ever ask youself: "If China and Russia are our friends - communist tyrannies though they are - then who are our enemies?" Don't you ever wonder against whom - if not China and Russia - the nations of the free world are planning to use their trillion dollar weapons? We actually fought on the sides of USSR and China in WWII and helped destroy their enemies, Germany and Japan.

And why do we SHARE our advanced technology - both conventional and nuclear - with China and Russia? And why, whenever we go to war - be it declared or undeclared - is it always against nations ARMED by China or Russia, but never China or Russia?

For example, while we were at war against Korea it was being armed by Russia & China. And while we were at war with Vietnam, it was being armed by Russia and China. And during and since those wars we've been feeding their people and rebuilding their societies, even though they still hold our soldiers prisoner.

And why is Korea left alone to develop TANGIBLE nuclear weapons, with help from - you guessed it - China, Russia and the United States, while Iraq is bombed for SUSPICIONS of developing nuclear weapons, newspeakingly referred to as WMDs for "weapons of mass destruction" [which they were ultimately proven not to have]? Actually, I'm asking these questions rhetorically, because deep down I know the answer. Orwell explained it all in "1984", and if people want to brush-up they can find his explanation at 6.Super-States. ~ Jackie Jura

PEACENIK TO WARMONGER ("Why did we invade Iraq? Iraq has no nuclear weapons. North Korea has nuclear weapons and threatened to turn America into a sea of fire")

OZ & CANADA FUEL CHINA'S NUKES (nuclear waste will be taken to Tibet) & China currently building 20 nuclear reactors (will consume 15,700 tonnes uranium a year) & China's Nuclear Great Leap Forward (plans 100 new reactors by 2030) & Canada planning to fuel China's nuclear needs (imperative China secure long-term supply) & Aussie gov't happy selling uranium to China (no concerns supplying China's nuclear arsenal). Globe/AusRadio/ABC, May 4, 2009. Go to USA LETS CHINA SCAN NUKES & CHINA NUKES THRU PANAMA?

Korean missiles "armed with nukes" (US may stop helping NK develop weapons of mass destruction). NZHerald Oct 11, 2006

North Korea tests nuclear bomb (China & Russia its closest allies). JapanTimes, Oct 9, 2006

North Korea rushes to finish reactor (enough weapons-grade plutonium for 10 atomic bombs annually). Washington Post, Nov 9, 2005

North Korea nuclear talks to be brief (demanding a light water power reactor as part of outside aid). VOA, Nov 4, 2005


*North Korea: Nuclear Program. MacNeil/Lehrer Productions
...After extended negotiation, North Korea and the United States entered into the "Agreed Framework" on Oct. 21, 1994. Under the deal, North Korea would suspend all work at the Yongbyon complex, end all efforts to enrich plutonium for weapons and open its facilities to international oversight. In exchange for these moves, the U.S. would supply North Korea with two light water reactors (LWRs) to generate electricity, and low-cost oil to help with energy needs until the reactors are built. The agreement also promised a lifting of most economic sanctions against North Korea, and improved diplomatic relations with the United States...."If the two light water reactors slated to be built in North Korea are operated to optimize power production, they will discharge about 500 kg of reactor-grade plutonium a year in highly radioactive spent fuel....Oil deliveries began in early 1995....The U.S., South Korea, Japan and several other countries came together to form the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO) to build the reactors.... Kim Jong Il's government could produce more than a dozen atomic bombs a year.


Real history of Korean War (heroic MacArthur deserves credit for saving S Korea from communist domination). Seoul Times, Oct 18, 2005. Go to MACARTHUR, JFK, KOREA & VIETNAM

Possible referendum on Panama Canal (USA gave canal to Panama in 1999). May 5, 2005. Go to USA GAVE AWAY PANAMA CANAL

China's Canadian Adventure (Chinese espionage & spy activities in energy & raw materials sectors). FrontPageMagazine, May 5, 2005. Go to CHINA SPYING ON CANADA & USA

USA watches China woo Carribean (Beijing's growing economic clout is tipping scales in Western Hemisphere). ABC News, Feb 23, 2005. Go to USA APPLAUDS CHINA TAKE CARRIBEAN

China building strategic sea lanes (all around world including Panama). WashingtonTimes, Jan 18, 2005. Go to 7.Systems & SURPRISE ATTACK WITH CANAL GIVEAWAY

CF-18 drops bomb on Yellowknife (while on way to watch Russian military exercises in Arctic). CalgaryHerald, Jun 19, 2004. Go to & RUSSIAN WAR GAMES ANYONE?

UK ships took nukes to Falklands. Herald Sun, Dec 7, 2003 & USA wants trade with Panama. Reuters, Dec 7, 2003 & China threatens war on Taiwan. Globe & Mail, Dec 6, 2003

PANAMA FALKLAND REVELATIONS (USA gave Panama Canal to Communist China and British ships carried nukes to Falkland War)


China buying German plutonium plant (all the better to make bombs with). Terra Daily, Dec 2, 2003. Go to 6.Super-States & 13.Weapons

China preparing war against USA (accelerating modernization of weaponry)., Jun 27, 2003

Red Chinese generals taking Pentagon tour (as part of military exchange). WashTimes, Jun 27, 2003. Go to 6.Super-States & 28.Reality Control

Video phones go on sale (owned by Communist Chinese aiming to monopolize UK). Independent, Jun 12, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance & CHINA HAS ESPIONAGE NETWORK

"We need a New World Order" (say China and Russia, "to oppose United States hegemony"). CNS, May 28, 2003. Go to 6.Super-States & 28.Reality Control

Russia nuke-attacks USA & UK (in practice for real thing)., May 16, 2003. Go to 13.Weapons & 6.Super-States & NUKES GO MAINSTREAM


Secret McCarthy papers released (investigated communist subversion). BBC, May 6, 2003. Go to COMMUNISTS COINED "MCCARTHYISM"
(excerpt: Then on November 3, 1950, Senator McCarthy explained, the American Armies were fighting in Korea when they were attacked by Chinese Communist troops. The American Government ordered the military commanders not to bomb Chinese bases or supply lines, even though American troops were in danger of destruction. The reason given: this might bring China into the war, and believe it or not, our country had turned down the Chinese anti-Communist forces offer of 33,000 troops to help defeat the Chinese and Korean Communists. Also, and I don't suppose you've read this in many history books, American forces were protecting the Communist-Chinese coasts. The American fleet was ordered to protect Red China against the anti-Communist Nationalist raid, and our seventh fleet was ordered to protect shipments of military supplies for the Red Chinese forces killing American boys.)

NKorea preparing war on USA (says UN envoy Maurice Strong). Yahoo!AP, Mar 22, 2003. Go to Who is Maurice Strong? & IRAQ A MAGICIAN'S TRICK

USA & USSR working together (making dirty nuke bombs). Guardian, Mar 14, 2003. Go to 13.Weapons

USA resumes food to communists (NKorea missiles 'not disturbing'). Bloomberg, Feb 25, 2003. Go to 28.Reality Control

NKorea has long-range missiles (capable of hitting America). Space Daily, Feb 9, 2003. Go to 13.Weapons & POWs FORGOTTEN IN KOREA

USA gives Panama Canal to Communist China (on December 31st, 1999)

USA sold technology to China (to help launch nuclear weapons capable of hitting America). Wash Post, Jan 1, 2003

USA continues food to NKorea (which is fed to North Korean army). Reuters, Jan 1, 2003

Food aid to North Korea is propping up Stalinist Regime

N Korea issues nuclear threat (sends missiles & warheads to Yemen). BBC, Dec 12, 2002. Go to 6.Super-States

N Korea admits nuclear arsenal ("to cope with threats from USA"). BBC, Nov 18, 2002

1980 Soviet Grain Embargo (after Russia attacked Afghanistan). AgWeb, Nov 1, 2002. Go to 1980 GRAIN EMBARGO

China leader stops by NASA (given "VIP" tour). Houston Chron, Oct 24, 2002

USA accuses Russia & China over North Korea bomb. London Times, Oct 19, 2002
Russia, China and Pakistan supplied crucial parts to North Korea's covert nuclear weapons programme, American officials said yesterday... Two USA State Dep't officials were in Beijing yesterday - and will be in Moscow tomorrow - urging China and Russia to use diplomatic and economic leverage on North Korea to stabilise the situation of the Stalinist state's disclosure that it's developing weaponized uranium. USA says the technology for the gas centrifuges needed to make weapons-grade uranium came from Moscow, Beijing and Islamabad. USA Defence Secr'y Rumsfield believes North Korea succeeded in producing some nuclear weapons.

New rules of engagement with North Korea. New York Times, Oct 19, 2002
Just as the crisis with Iraq is heating up, the USA is on the verge of a serious confrontation with another member of the "axis of evil," North Korea. North Korea recently admitted that it is conducting a secret program to produce nuclear bomb-making material. A nuclear-armed North Korea would pose a serious threat to the 37,000 American troops in Korea and to the security of South Korea and Japan. It would undermine the global non-proliferation regime... The USA helped North Korea with its nuclear production... In 1993, North Korea became the first country to announce its intention to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty leading to a terryfing crisis... In 1994 USA signed an Agreed Framework with North Korea to help it construct two nuclear reactors for electricity and provide monthly shipments of heavy fuel oil.

USA unveils Star-Trek plane ("Bird of Prey" from Area-51). Popular Science, Oct 18, 2002

* THE AREA 51 BASE (What is it and what's inside? ~ from
The Groom Lake Base is this top-secret military base located 90 miles north of Las Vegas (which is in Nevada). It's in grid number 51 of the Nevada Test Site, so it's called Area 51. The United States Air Force Flight Test Center controls the base. It's best known for testing exotic aircraft and weapons. The base was created in 1954 as a place to test the secret U-2 spyplane that was used to fly missions over the Soviet Union. Then it started to house the SR-71, A-12 and D-21 drone. The F-117A was tested there, also. In the 1980's the base increased in size, along with the runway (which increased to the present 6 miles). Then, mysterious lights began to appear, and armed guards known as the cammo dudes started patrolling the border. The government closed many viewpoints from which the Area 51 base could be seen. In 1989, a"physicist" named Bob Lazar claimed that he worked at a base south of Area 51 and also claimed that Area 51 was testing extremely advanced aircraft and UFO's they got by trading with the aliens. Since then, Area 51 has been thought to be the test center of captured UFOs because of the lights in the night sky.

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~