Trudeau's words to family, friends, public and government opposition
to the child-killer's release from her prison cell:
"You're all a bunch of ambulance chasers trying to gain political advantage."



Trudeau's words to family and friends of murdered and missing Indigenous women
outraged over his inaction on the official inquiry:
"Thank you for sharing your frustrations and challenging me to do better."
And from Trudeau's wife:
"I can't imagine what it is like to lose a loved one for senseless reasons.
I stand here before you as a woman, as a mother, as a fellow Canadian, as a human being.
We are suffering with you."

Last month Canada's prime minister stood in the House of Commons and defended the illegal and sneaky transfer of a child-killer from her cell in a maximum/medium security prison to an "Indian healing lodge" where she now lives in a condo complex and has access to children of other inmates. A public outcry ensued and opposition members demanded the prime minister use his power to send the murderer back to the cell where she belongs. Trudeau snarkily refused and defended the decision to transfer the convicted murderer by saying the healing lodge had as much security as the prison she was removed from -- and he mockingly accused the opposition of being "ambulance chasers". The father of the murdered 8-year-old girl (who'd been kidnapped, brutally raped and beaten to death) requested a meeting with the Prime Minister to implore him -- father to father -- to right the wrong. He received no response from Trudeau or anyone in the Prime Minister's Office.

First Nations furious over child killer in community
NativesFurious ProtestersChildKiller
ToriStafford ToriHeadstone TrudeayCrybaby
watch PM defends child killer move to healing lodge
TrudeauAmbulance HealingLodge ToriFatherRodney
watch Trudeau bails on vote to denouce child killer
(PM labels opposition "ambulance chasers")
News, Oct 5, 2018
Keep Masses Down & Life in Oceania & BB's Brotherhood

To keep the travesty of the child-killer's transfer alive in the conscience of the public and the government a "Justice for Tori" rally in Ottawa (Canada's capital) was arranged for a month hence and that event happened this past weekend, November 2nd and 3rd.

ToriDadSign ToriRallyNews RallyCrowd

ToriRallyWoodstock ToriDadWoodstock

The first rally was held in Ottawa in front of the Parliament Buildings on Friday, and the second in Woodstock, Tori's hometown, in front of the Justice Buildings on Saturday.

And where was the highest politician in the land (the Prime Minister whose government sits in the parliament buildings seen in the background in the photos and to whom the rally was symbolically directed) while hundreds of citizens were on the grounds demanding the child-killer be returned to prison?

TrudeauApology1864 TrudeauHorseChilcotin TrudeauKneel

PierreCanoe TrudeauIndianCartoon JustinBuckskin

Well, Trudeau was 3,000 miles away, doing his usual thing, ie apologising "on behalf of all Canadians" for alleged wrongs perpetrated against "Indigenous" by the white Anglo-Saxon government of the British colony (not yet a province) 154 years ago. Photos show Trudeau in a big teepee with Indian chiefs participating in a "water cleansing" ceremony. Then Trudeau was honoured with the gift of a buckskin jacket like the one given to his father who, fifty years ago, began the handing over of white-man's land to Indians in unproven and undocumented Land Claim settlements. Apparently Trudeau rode a horse to get to the meeting (the mode of transport in 1864) and then afterwards got down on his knees grasping the hand of an Indian "elder" to whom, we assume, he was personally apologising. Perhaps the woman was a descendent of one of the six Indians who were hanged for massacring (ie shooting, beating, stabbing, scalping etc) the fourteen white members of the road-building crew and for which they (the Chilcotin chiefs) were captured, tried, convicted and hanged by the colonial justice system.

ChilcotinUprising1864 ChilcotinMap

To set the historical record straight (and readers can link to the documented account scanned above) there was no Chilcotin "war" -- it was the Chilcotin "massacre". The basic facts are: A road to the gold mines was being built through the interior of the territory where the Chilcotin tribe lived. Some of the chiefs of that tribe (each band has a chief) were very friendly to the whites who were building the road and who ran the ferry over the river, and to white homesteaders who had ranches and farms along there. The men who worked on the road-crew felt safe amongst the Indians who hung around the ferry dock and the storage sheds and tents where all the supplies for the crew were stored. The friendly Indians would come into the camp begging for food etc and the road-crew would often give them what they wanted. So in other words, the road-crew weren't worried about being attacked by Indians. So when the Indians (who conspired to steal all the supplies and guns and ammunition) attacked them in the middle of the night, as they were sleeping in their tents, the men had no chance for self defence. The Indians also killed the man who ran the ferry, and another work-crew up the river and a homesteader. To make a long story short, the government of the British colony went after the Indians for the murders and they caught them -- and some turned themselves in (kind of like "hands up" to avoid being killed by the guys searching for them). The Chilcotin chiefs were sent to trial, convicted of the murders and hanged. End of story.

HangedSioux1862 ChilcotinHanged1864

RielThisDay1869 RielBook RielHanged

Capital punishment, back in those days -- sometimes by hanging, sometimes by firing squad -- was the penalty paid for capital crimes, ie murder, treason etc. President Lincoln ordered the biggest mass hanging in the history of the USA in 1862, with the hanging of 39 Sioux Indians for raping and murdering white settlers. The hanging of the Chilcoltin chiefs came two years later -- and then of course in 1885 the hanging, by the Canadian government, of Metis-leader Louis Riel, for treason and murder. That too is history being rewritten with Riel now made out to be an innocent victim of British colonialism, although the book scanned above -- RIEL AND THE REBELLION 1885 RECONSIDERED sets the record straight. As the author, Thomas Flanagan, says in the intro: After re-examining the documentary evidence surrounding the North-West Rebellion, I concluded that the Metis grievances were at least partly of their own making; that the government was on the verge of resolving them when the Rebellion broke out; that Riel's resort to arms could not be explained by the failure of constitutional agitation; and that he received a suprisingly fair trial. When I came to these conclusions, I knew I had to publish them, especially because of the movement to grant Riel a post-humous pardon in 1985, something which now strikes me as quite wrong.

Trudeau's face to face meeting with the Chilcotin Indians last week (at the place where the massacre happened in 1864) was the fullfilment of a promise he'd made to their chiefs in an "exoneration of guilt" ceremony in the House of Commons in March 2018. When Trudeau read the statement in the Commons, members of Parliament had broken into applause, prompting the Tsilhqot'in chiefs to hold up eagle feathers in salute. Trudeau told MPs the chiefs acted in accordance with their laws and traditions and that they are well regarded as heroes of their people.

TrudeauChiefHugs TrudeauChiefApologise

What makes Trudeau's cowardly avoidance of the "Justice for Tori" protesters (who are demanding justice for a murdered white girl) so disgustingly hypocritical is that in the past Trudeau has joined protests in front of the parliament buildings put on by other victims of crime. In 2015 he stood with friends and family of murdered Indian women and girls announcing a gravy train of funding for an inquiry into MURDERED & MISSING INDIGENOUS WOMEN. (As an aside, it has already been determined that most of the missing and murdered women were probably killed by Indigenous men in domestic abuse or other third-world-conditions-on-reserve induced violence. But the spin, and what the government and the Indians imply, is that the women and girls were killed by white men).

TrudeauLaunchMMIW TrudeauRallyIndianWomen


Justin Trudeau berated at Hill gathering over missing, murdered women inquiry
CTV News, Oct 4, 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stood quietly with his head down Wednesday as families expressed extreme anger toward him about the inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. "Trudeau must reset the inquiry led by four commissioners", Maggie Cywink from Whitefish River First Nation said in a speech to an annual gathering on Parliament Hill. "If you want to be remembered as a prime minister who is healing ties with First Nations, then you must start with our women and families", said Cywink, whose sister, Sonya Cywink, was found slain near London, Ontario in 1994. "Will you be seen as yet another politician, in the very long list of politicians, who simply peddled in the age-old craft of empty promises? "The government's version of reconciliation looks a lot like colonization", said Connie Greyeyes from Fort Saint John, BC. "How do you come out here and say that you support families?" she said. "How dare you come out here and say these things?"

Before Trudeau began to address the audience, someone in the crowd urged that he "go home". He went on to thank family members for sharing their frustration and for challenging him to do better. "The missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls inquiry is something that I have long believed in, long supported", he said. "It was never going to be easy". His wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, told family members she can't imagine what it is like to lose a loved one for "senseless reasons". "I stand here before you as a woman, as a mother, as a fellow Canadian, as a human being", she said. "We are suffering with you".

As I'm writing this now and about to post it on ORWELL TODAY, there's an article in the news saying the Minister of Public Safety -- in charge of Corrections -- is going to provide "an update on inmate transfer policy":


This much anticipated announcement from Trudeau's government is sounding like a total whitewash. The Minister responsible says "for privacy reasons he won't be speaking directly to the McClintic case", ie the case of the child-killer whom the inquiry was to be about. The public is expecting details on how the transfer of the child-killer came about -- ie who is the person who requested the transfer and who is the person who approved it and who is the person who can reverse it. It seems no heads are rolling. Neither is there any mention on the status of the murderer, ie is she still lounging around in the healing lodge or is she back behind bars serving her twenty-five years without parole.

Will there be justice for Tori and all the innocent Canadians she represents?

All the best,
Jackie Jura, November 2018



PS -- Notice the corporate logo on the Indian chief's jacket in the photo of Trudeau in his buckskin. The logo says "LNG" in flowing script (and the jacket looks like it was made in China). LNG, of course, stands for Liquified Natural Gas (a controversial, dangerous and environmentally evil process turning gas into liquid to ship "to market" -- a euphemism for Communist China). This is an example of what I've discussed in a previous article*, ie "Some of the most corrupt politicians in Canada are the chiefs of the various Indian tribes who have enriched themselves with tax-funded money in tax-exempt schemes run by multinational corporations (many owned by Communist China). While the Indian chiefs and their cronies live like Mafia dons on casino-takings, their people (and there are less than 800,000 Indians in Canada and they're being given over 7-billion dollars a year by taxpayers) live in self-induced squalor, preferring to live on the dole on reservations, instead of out in the real world, or are living out in the real world but claiming Indian benefits. Every day more and more people are claiming Indian blood, just to get on the payroll. It's okay for China to burn fossil fuels -- ie coal, oil, gas -- for their energy and industry but we Canadians (who have the world's biggest fossil fuel reserves) are expected to run our cars and heat our homes on windmills, solar panels and hay and pay a tax for exhaling carbon-dioxide -- ie the air human beings, like fossils -- breathe out and plants breathe in.

JewApology2018 Trudeau 'sorry' for Canada turning away Jewish refugees in 1939, AlJazeera, Nov 8, 2018
Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has formally apologised for his country's refusal to provide shelter to a ship carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees almost 80 years ago. In May 1939, German ocean liner MS St Louis left Hamburg with more than 900 Jews fleeing the horrors of Nazi persecution in search of a safe haven for themselves and their families. When Cuba, the United States and Canada turned the ship away, it returned to Europe where several countries took the refugees in and, according to historians and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), 255 of them were later killed in World War II, most of them in concentration camps. "We apologise to the 907 German Jews on board the St Louis as well as their families", Trudeau said in a parliamentary sitting on Wednesday. "We are sorry for the callousness of Canada's response. We are sorry for not apologising sooner. While decades have passed since we turned our backs on Jewish refugees, time has by no means absolved Canada of its guilt or lessened the weight or our shame". The apology came following the October 27 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, where 11 people were killed, including a Canadian woman... Trudeau, a Liberal, has made a number of apologies for Canada's historical failings. Last week the prime minister visited hundreds of indigenous people in British Columbia to apologise for the hanging of six chiefs 150 years ago.

KillerBehindBars NO MORE HEALING LODGE: Tori Stafford's killer back behind bars, Canadian Press, Nov 8, 2018
Terri-Lynne McClintic (right) and her murder victim Tori Stafford (left) are seen in file photos. The father of a young girl who was brutally murdered says one of her killers who was spending time in an Indigenous healing lodge is back in prison. Rodney Stafford says in a Facebook post that Terri-Lynne McClintic is back behind bars. McClintic was convicted of murdering eight-year-old Tori Stafford.

McClintricNewPrison Murderer McClintic back in prison -- "It makes me feel amazing", Global News, Nov 8, 2018
The father of murdered eight-year-old Tori Stafford says her killer, Terri-Lynne McClintic, is back behind bars. In a Facebook status post Thursday morning, Rodney Stafford announced he had been told McClintic had been moved back into prison following her controversial transfer to a Saskatchewan healing lodge earlier this year. Speaking via phone with Global News Radio, Stafford said he was informed earlier Thursday morning of the transfer. "I just received a phone call maybe a matter of half an hour ago from Correctional Service Canada that the transfer of Terri-Lynne McClintic has taken place overnight last night and she has been moved from the healing lodge", he said. "She is now in Edmonton -- It's a medium security institution for women". The Edmonton Institution for Women is located in the western part of the city. It is a multi-level prison facility that holds roughly 167 minimum, medium and maximum security prisoners, as was the facility that McClintic had been in before she was moved to the healing lodge... Stafford, who led a rally in Ottawa last week calling for the government to act, said he feels gratified that McClintic is back behind bars. "I'm burning on little energy here and I just got a little spark of life knowing that justice is being served", he said. "It makes me feel amazing".

JewMinority1970 TrudeauJewAward1970 Trudeau reverses Jews history of unrelenting anti-Semitism in Canada, GlobeMail, Nov 3, 2018
...The 1970 gala's guest of honour was prime minister Pierre Trudeau, who received the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith's Canadian Family of Man Award. Mr Trudeau anointed multi-culturalism as a major policy of his government. In theory at least, it significantly altered Canadian values to the betterment of the lives of Jews and other ethnic groups. He also appointed Jews to his cabinet, the judiciary and the civil service in record numbers... As confidential discussions about the award ceremony show, it was perceived by officials in the Prime Minister's Office as a politically opportune time for the prime minister to address the Jewish community in a formal setting... Accepting the award, Mr Trudeau remarked that "The Canadian brotherhood within which the Jews form a community is truly remarkable for its origins and for the quality of its contribution to the Canadian way of life. So outstanding is the Jewish contribution that it is difficult to imagine our society without it. Jews are destined to remain a minority amongst the peoples of the world. They are in fact the quintessence of a minority"... The Jews had finally been given the respect they deserved by a sitting prime minister. They knew they had made it, but they took some satisfaction in knowing that Mr Trudeau did, too. Jews represent only about 1.2 per cent of Canada's population, but there is likely no field of endeavour, no profession or pursuit in which a Jewish presence is not evident....

watch Tori's Dad has 'no idea' if McClintic back in cell and it's 'kinda gut wrenching', CBC News, Nov 7, 2018
Tori Stafford's father, Rodney Stafford says he still doesn't know from Corrections officials whether child killer Terri-Lynne McClintic has been returned to a maximum security facility and the wait has been "gut wrenching". "I have no idea. I haven't heard anything. Anything I've found out is through the media", he told CBC News Wednesday. "She needs to go back to where she was". It comes after Liberal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale ordered new, tougher rules for prisoner transfers to Indigenous healing lodges, following weeks of protests organized by Stafford in Ottawa on Parliament Hill and Stafford's hometown of Woodstock, Ontario... Stafford has registered his name with CSC, but said he had not yet heard about whether the child killer has been transferred by correctional authorities. He noted the kind of anxiety he's experiencing is akin to when he was in court, waiting for the verdict of his daughter's other killer, Michael Rafferty. It's kind of gut wrenching", he said. "You're waiting for answers and it could come any time. You just don't know when. It's hard," he said. He called today's announcement "a start", but said he won't be satisfied until McClintic is back in a prison cell. "Put McClintic back", Stafford said. "Enough is enough"... Goodale ordered CSC to review the McClintic decision and the policy at large. He said the minister has no legal power to intervene in individual cases, and that decisions about correctional and security classifications are based on what is best for the offender's rehabilitation and for public safety. Last month, the House of Commons defeated a Conservative motion calling on the government to condemn and overturn the decision to transfer McClintic to the healing lodge.

Goodale to provide update on inmate transfer police, CTV News, Nov 6, 2018
Federal corrections commissioner has completed her review of Correctional Service Canada's inmate transfer policy, and an update on the rules based on those findings is coming soon, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said Tuesday. The review of the policy stems from the political controversy that erupted over the transfer of Terri-Lynne McClintic from prison to an Indigenous healing lodge in Saskatchewan. McClintic was convicted of first-degree murder in the kidnapping, rape and murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford in 2009, and the Conservatives were highly critical of her transfer and called on Goodale to reverse the decision. When the issue arose this fall, Goodale said the decision was being reviewed to make sure that the law and longstanding policies of the federal government were properly applied in this situation. Testifying before a House of Commons Committee, Goodale said he received a copy of commissioner Anne Kelly's report after she completed it late last week. "I have that report under very careful consideration now, and I expect to be in a position very, very soon, to offer a response to the findings and the advice I have received from the commissioner, and as soon as I am in a position to do that I will make my comments public", Goodale said. CTV News had initially reported that the update on the federal approach to inmate transfers would be made Tuesday, but a spokesperson for the minister has since said that is no longer the case. Given privacy considerations, Goodale is not expected to speak directly to the McClintic case.

listsen McClintic's brother says "she's no more Indigenous than I am green from the planet Mars", exclusive interview with Global News, Oct 31, 2018
The brother of child murderer Terri-Lynne McClintic says she is in no way Indigenous, and should be removed from a healing lodge and placed in a maximum security prison. He says the only reason his sister is in a healing lodge is because she manipulated the corrections system. McClintic's brother said his sister is trying to make her life easier while serving her sentence for the brutal murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford in 2009, and that he believes she should be removed from Saskatchewan's Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge and sent to a narrow cell in a maximum security prison. "With what I know about Terri-Lynne, Terri-Lynne is taking a bed away from somebody that could benefit from it". He carries a heavy secret: very few people in his life know about his connection to one of Canada's most notorious killers. He is angry about the decision to send McClintic to the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, citing his sister's heinous crime and the fact she assaulted another inmate since beginning her sentence. "To be given access and rights to go to somewhere that for all intents and purposes has minimum security, and no fences, where there are freaking children? Whoever made that decision and allowed that to happen should be absolutely fired". The Correctional Service Canada (CSC) allows offenders to self-identify as Indigenous without needing to prove their claim. That's exactly what he says McClintic has done, and he called her an expert manipulator. "I have no doubt she went through the steps that she thought were necessary to remove herself from a small prison cell, to do what she thought whoever with a checklist wanted", he said...

watch Tori Stafford's father continues rally in Woodstock against McClintic's healing lodge transfer, GlobalNewsRadio, Nov 3, 2018
After gathering on Parliament Hill, dozens of people packed into a six-hour bus ride for a second rally in Woodstock, Ontario, to protest a convicted killer's transfer from prison to a healing lodge. The rallies, held on Friday and Saturday respectively, were organized by the family of Tori Stafford, the eight-year-old girl who was murdered in 2009 at the hands of Terri-Lynne McClintic and Michael Rafferty. McClintic was eight years into her first-degree murder sentence when it was revealed that the child killer had been transferred to an Aboriginal healing lodge in Saskatchewan earlier this year. Saturday's rally saw more than 100 supporters gather outside the courthouse of Tori's hometown in Woodstock. Leading the rally is Tori's father Rodney Stafford, who tells 980 CFPL that his fight will continue well beyond the rallies. "I'm not stopping until justice is served for Victoria", said Stafford. "To me, this is all a moral thing. It should have been immediately reversed".

watch Protesters in Tori Stafford's hometown angry over healing lodge transfer, CTV News, Nov 3, 2018
Hundreds of angry protesters gathered Saturday in Tori Stafford's hometown to oppose the transfer of one of her killers to an Indigenous healing lodge. Stafford's father joined the crowd outside a courthouse in Woodstock, Ontario to express outrage over Terri-Lynne McClintic's move from an Ontario federal prison to a holistic Saskatchewan facility. Those attending the Woodstock rally wore purple ribbons, Tori's favourite colour, and chanted cries of "Send her back!". Organizers said 300 ribbons were gone in 20 minutes. Tori's grandmother, Doreen Graichen, said that when McClintic was sentenced, "we were told life means life". "She murdered my granddaughter, there's no two ways about it, she admitted, that's why she didn't go to trial", Graichen said. Local Progressive Conservative MPP Ernie Hardeman joined the crowd to call for McClintic to be sent to a maximum security prison. "She should be behind bars for life, like the judge told us she was going to be", Ernie Hardeman, MPP for Oxford, told CTV. A similar demonstration was held Friday on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Protesters vowed to continue to push for change, and an online petition for "Tori's Law" has garnered thousands of signatures. "It would mean life in prison for convicted murderers, living in a healing lodge is just unacceptable", rally organizer Melissa Streatch said. "We need them to be behind bars serving their life sentence for the 25 years they were convicted of". On Friday, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said a report requested from Correctional Service Canada on how and why the transfer occurred has been delivered to him and is expected to be made public in coming days...

Terri-Lynne McClintic belongs 'back in her cell,' Tori Stafford's dad says at rally, CBC News, Nov 2, 2018
The father of a murdered Woodstock, Ontario girl whose killer was transferred to a healing lodge in Saskatchewan led a rally in Ottawa, calling for tougher sentences for convicted killers. "I could sit at home and not say anything about it and let everybody live their lives, but I want to try and make a difference in my daughter's name, because she can't speak for herself, and it's not right by any means", Rodney Stafford said on Parliament Hill on Friday. Stafford's daughter, eight-year-old Tori, was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered in 2009 by Terri-Lynne McClintic and Michael Rafferty. McClintic is serving a life sentence for the crime but was transferred to an Indigenous healing lodge on the Nekaneet First Nation near Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. While Stafford was in Ottawa, others were protesting in Maple Creek, calling for McClintic to be transferred back to a prison. The crowd at the Ottawa rally wore purple ribbons, Tori's favourite colour. This week, McClintic's brother spoke with Global News about his sister's troubled past. He also said she's not Indigenous. But Stafford said it doesn't matter if McClintic is Indigenous or not. She belongs in prison, he said. "Back in her cell. A little cell where she belongs", Stafford said. "Max security and no privileges. Just live her life as she is supposed to -- that the courts ruled down on her". There's also a rally planned for Woodstock on Saturday.

Trudeau apologizes for 1864 hanging of chiefs, MSN, Nov 2, 2018

watch Trudeau apologizes to Tsilhqot'in community members for 1864 hanging of chiefs, CBC News, Nov 2, 2018

Justin Trudeau berated at Hill gathering over missing, murdered women inquiry, CTV News, Oct 4, 2017

ChilcotinUprising1864 ChilcotinMap The Chilcotin Uprising of 1864, UBC Library
The "Chilcotin Uprising" was a disturbance which broke out in April of 1864 when a group of Chilcotin Indians massacred fourteen workmen on a trail being built from Bute Inlet to the interior of British Columbia. Variously referred to in the accounts of the time as a series of massacres, as in insurrection, and as a war, the Chilcotin Uprising was the type of reaction to the inroads of Europeans which certain modern historians would prefer to label as a "resistance". "Uprising" is adequatley descriptive without reflecting any particular theory of social action... Though Governor Douglas by asserting British authority helped to minimize violence, other incidents continued to occur. Isolated killings of whites on the northern coast of British Columbia were not uncommon in the years immediately prior to the Chilcotin uprising. Any study of the relations between whites and Indians during the colonial period, and for some time subsequently for that matter, is limited by the fact that the written records of the period are almost entirely the work of the whites. A study of the Chilcotin Uprising is no exception. However, it must be the best documented instance of conflict between Indians and whites in British Columbia. Accounts published in the nineteenth century together with a large amount of unpublished material give a detailed and largely verifiable picture of the events of the uprising...

Chilcotin War, Wikipedia (In 1862, Alfred Waddington began lobbying the press and his political allies for support to a wagon road from Bute Inlet to Fort Alexandria where it would connect to the Cariboo Road and continue on to the goldfields at Barkerville. He received approval for the construction early in 1863. According to Waddington, it would reduce land travel from 359 miles to 185 miles and the total days consumed in packing freight from 37 days to 22 compared to the Yale-Fraser Canyon route known as the Cariboo Road favoured by Governor Douglas. The Bute Inlet Wagon Road was to follow the Homathko River valley from the mouth of Bute Inlet and then swing northeast across the Chilcotin Plateau to join the Bentinck Arm Trail at Puntzi Lake and the mouth of the Quesnel River. It was also one of the routes considered and advocated by Waddington for the transcontinental railway eventually constructed to what became Vancouver instead....)






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