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10. Big Brother's Rulers

"The oligarchs - and a few lawyers and priests and so forth who lived on them - are the lords of the earth. Everything exists for their benefit. The ordinary people, the workers - are their slaves. They could do what they liked with you. They could ship you off to Canada like cattle. They could sleep with your daughters if they chose. They could order you to be flogged with something called a cat-o'-nine tails. You had to take your cap off when you passed them. Every oligarch went about with a gang of lackeys. Salvation Army, Roman Catholics, Jews, Indians - and other sorts - were lackeys, parasites, flunkies of the ruling class."

A member of the Inner Party enjoys the luxury of a large, well-appointed flat, better textures of his clothes, the better quality of his food and drink and tobacco, his two or three servants, his private motor-car or helicopter. This sets him in a different world from a member of the Outer Party, and the members of the Outer Party have a similar advantage in comparison with the submerged masses known as "the proles." The social atmosphere is that of a besieged city, where the possession of a lump of horseflesh makes the difference between wealth and poverty.

In principle, membership of these three groups is not hereditary. The child of Inner Party parents is in theory not born into the Inner Party. Admission to either branch of the Party is by examination, taken at the age of sixteen. Nor is there any racial discrimination, or any marked domination of one province by another. Jews, Negroes, South Americans of pure Indian blood are to be found in the highest ranks of the Party, and the administrators of any area are always drawn from the inhabitants of that area. In no part of Oceania do the inhabitants have the feeling that they are a colonial population ruled from a distant capital. Oceania has no capital, and its titular head is a person whose whereabouts nobody knows. Except that English is its chief lingua franca and Newspeak its official language, it is not centralized in any way. Its rulers are not held together by blood-ties but by adherence to a common doctrine. It is true that our society is stratified, and very rigidly stratified, on what at first sight appear to be hereditary lines.

In the crucial years, the fact that the Party was not a hereditary body did a great deal to neutralize opposition. The older kind of Socialist, who had been trained to fight against something called "class privilege", assumed that what is not hereditary cannot be permanent. He did not see that the continuity of an oligarchy need not be physical, nor did he pause to reflect that hereditary aristocracies have always been shortlived, whereas adoptive organizations such as the Catholic Church have sometimes lasted for hundred or thousands of years. The essence of oligarchical rule is not father-to-son inheritance, but the persistence of a certain world-view and a certain way of life, imposed by the dead upon the living. A ruling group is a ruling group so long as it can nominate its successors. The Party is not concerned with perpetuating its blood but with perpetuating itself. Who wields power is not important, provided that the hierarchical structure remains always the same.

Saudi, Norway gov'ts give millions to Bill Clinton, AP News, Jan 1, 2010
WASHINGTON (AP) - Foreign countries including Saudi Arabia and Norway gave millions of dollars to former President Bill Clinton's charity as Hillary Rodham Clinton served her first year as President Barack Obama's secretary of state. A donor list released on New Year's Day by the William J. Clinton Foundation shows that Saudi Arabia and Norway each donated somewhere between $10 million to $25 million to the former president's charity. The biggest donors included the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which gave more than $25 million. The Clintons agreed to annually disclose the names of donors to the former president's foundation to address concerns about potential conflicts of interest between his fundraising abroad and his wife's role in helping direct administration foreign policy. "I am deeply grateful to the many generous contributors who made it possible for my foundation to accomplish so much in 2009, including increasing the number of people on lifesaving HIV/AIDS treatment, helping cities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and inspiring millions of children to lead healthier lives," Bill Clinton said in a written statement. In releasing the 2009 list Friday, the foundation didn't identify individual contributors' employers, nationalities or any other details. It gave only ranges rather than precise donations, and didn't provide a fundraising total. The foundation said that more than 90 percent of the gifts it received last year were in donations of $250 or less. The Clintons were under no legal obligation to identify foundation donors. Presidents typically do not disclose the names of those who give to their foundations, even when the givers include foreign governments. Former President George W. Bush hasn't said who is contributing to construction of his presidential library in Texas, for example. The William J. Clinton Foundation works in the United States and around the world on such issues as health care, particularly HIV/AIDS; climate change; and economic development. It also runs the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Ark., which includes Clinton's presidential library. The Clintons released the first foundation donor list in December 2008. They also agreed that new donations from foreign governments would be examined by government ethics officers. An Obama spokesman said at the time that the agreement would meet the incoming president's transparency promise and help to avoid potential conflicts of interest. In addition to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates' foundation, Canadian mining tycoon and Radcliffe Foundation chief executive Frank Giustra, the Children's Investment Fund Foundation and UNITAID each gave more than $25 million. Bill Clinton joined Giustra on a 2005 trip to Kazakhstan, whose human-rights record Hillary Rodham Clinton had criticized, and within days after the pair met with Kazakhstan's president, Giustra's business lined up preliminary agreements giving it rights to buy into uranium projects controlled by a Kazakhstan state-owned enterprise. Bill Clinton has said he had nothing to do with the arrangement. In UNITAID's case, almost all of the money simply passed through the foundation to buy commodities, the foundation said. Besides Norway and Saudi Arabia, those giving $10 million to $25 million included AUSAID, the Australian government's overseas aid program; longtime Democratic Party donors and fundraisers Stephen Bing and Fred Eychaner; and COPRESIDA, a Dominican Republic government agency formed to fight AIDS, whose donation passed through the foundation for commodity procurement.

Canada students honour Nelson Mandela (gov't, school boards, teachers endorse) & Lionizing Mandela, a lifelong subversive (President Mbeko his political clone) & South Africa's Mandela silent on Mugabe (neighbour Zimbabwe in hands of madman) & UN unveils 9-ft Mandela statue (hailed as "greatest & most courageous leader of our generation" by UK PM). BBC, Aug 29, 2007. CNW/News247/Mirror/BBC Apr 22-29, 2008

Tragedy if Mbeki 'do nothing' re Mugabe (ok's weapons from China to Zimbabwe; like China sent machetes to Rwanda). PolZam, Apr 18, 2008. Go to ZIMBABWE'S SMART GENOCIDE

$700-million USA embassy in Iraq ready (Baghdad streets flooded in sewage). PressTV, Apr 17, 2008. Go to IRAQ-AFGHAN PHONY WARS

Protest at Mugabe $300,000 birthday party (while everybody starving & dying; no electricity-roads-jobs-medical-nothing). BBC, Feb 23, 2008. Go to ZIMBABWE'S MURDERING MUGABE

Billions in Afghan aid money wasted (on foreign salaries-housing-security). CBC, Mar 26, 2008

UN approves itself $4.1-billion budget (USA contributes 22% of budget). AusNews, Dec 21, 2007

Canada ex-PM admits arms dealer deal ($300,000 cash in 3 envelopes) & How poor really was Mulroney? (bought $1.7 million mansion). AFP/TOStar, Dec 1, 2007. Go to MULRONEY BALONEY FISHY & MULRONEY CASH FLOW WOE & PIGS AT THE TROUGH

United Nations Organization is born ('to save world from scourge of war & maintain peace & security'). BBC, Oct 24, 1945 - 2007. Go to 2.Big Brother ('a dedicated sect doing evil') & MCCARTHY'S UN THOUGHTS & ORWELL DIES, HISS JAILED

MEN WHO'D BE KING (reader says some should). Sep 19, 2007

Monarchism has outlived taste of time (not democratically elected) & Rwanda ex-king has no special status (Kagame doesn't believe in monarchies) & RWANDA KING NO TASTE & RWANDA KING NOT KINGLY

Nepal nationalizes royal palaces (peace pact with Maoists). BBC, Aug 23, 2007. Go to WHO KILLED NEPAL ROYAL FAMILY? & NEPAL REMEMBERED

Moscow's suburb for billionaires (15 yrs ago everything owned by state; now economy owned by 36 men). BBC, Apr 22, 2007. Go to RUSSIA IS HELL'S INFERNO

Bono gets honourary knighthood (joins Geldof, Gates, Spielberg) & Bono preaches charity (profits from buyouts, tax breaks). BBC/Bloomberg, Mar 29, 2007. Go to BONO ARCH-ARCH CAPITALIST

EVERYONE WANTS TO BE INDIAN (the owners of all of Canada). Aug 15, 2006

LINCOLN, KENNEDY & MONEY (reader says international bankers played a role in the presidents' deaths)

Austria arrests British Holocaust denier (said Auschwitz gas chambers a hoax; Jews died from typhus not gas) & David Irving an acclaimed historian (accused of anti-semitism for saying Jews are enemies of free speech). CBC/BBC, Nov 23, 2005. Go to ORWELL ON ANTI-SEMITISM & ANTI-SEMITISM IN BRITAIN

Communst Party tycoons' new wealth (like Versaille & St Peter's Square). Telegraph, Oct 27, 2005. Go to CHINA'S COMMUNIST CAPITALISTS & CHINA'S SLAVE WORKERS & RICH RUSSIANS LIKE LENIN & RUSSIA IS HELL'S INFERNO

Landmark UN Summit begins ("We have not yet achieved the sweeping & fundamental reform that I & many others believe is required"). BBC, Sep 14, 2005. Go to BIG BROTHER'S GOOFY I AM

Zimbabwe police arrest 9,000 traders (violently removing Zimbabweans to make way for the Chinese). Guardian, May 26, 2005 & Zimbabwe's new colonialists (Mugage has "yellow fever"). Weekly Standard, May 26, 2005. Go to ZIMBABWE GOING RED CHINESE

Fischer set to enjoy freedom in Iceland ('It's like in the comics...like 'Shazaaam! Bush just says 'Enemy Combatant! Now you have no legal rights'). Guardian, Mar 24, 2005. Go to Reader glad Fischer's free again

Fischer to be deported to USA (for winning $3-million chess game against Borris Spassky in 1992 when Yugoslavia was under UN economic sanctions). Japan Today, Mar 15, 2005. Go to UNCLE SAM FINDS BOBBY FISCHER

Reader fails to understand why the international community wants to condemn Rwanda to ethnic slaughter. Dec 11, 2004

King Edward VIII abdicates the throne (his brother Albert, Charles' grandfather, becomes King George VI). Dec 11, 1936. Go to THE PEOPLE'S GOOD KING EDWARD

Indians rally to support Supreme Court ruling (want gov't to abide by decision to consult them over resources). Vancouver Sun, Nov 26, 2004. Go to 10.Rulers & 9.keeping Masses Down & CANADA GOING TO THE INDIANS

Chinese Dragon stings Russian Bear (Third World poverty stricken China now "Yellow Peril" massively migrating, devouring Russian resources & people). Globe & Mail, Nov 14, 2004. Go to 7.Sytems of Thought & RUSSIA IS HELL'S INFERNO & CHINADA'S SOVIETIZATION

Security under the skin (barcode built into your arm like a DVD tagged in supermarket). BBC, Oct 15, 2004. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police & HUMANS SCANNED LIKE GROCERIES & KISSINGER'S NUMBER IS 666 & NEW YORK'S NUMBER IS 666

Drugs found on Prime Minister's ship (millions of dollars of cocaine attached to grate on bottom of boat named after wife). Canada Press, Jul 2, 2004. Go to 35.The Brotherhood & 10.Rulers & CANADA'S PM SHIPS COCAINE

Prince Charles & sons wearing Jewish bracelets (string on wrist like Kabbalah cult). Sunday Mail, Jun 27, 2004. Go to 35.Brotherhood & JEWISH KABBALAH HAS BECKHAM

Sir Paul plays St Petersburg (did encore carrying Russian flag & Putin phoned on birthday). BBC, Jun 20, 2004. Go to MOSCOW MUSIC

'Whitefella Jump Up' writes Greer (Australia belongs to Blackfellas). Guardian, Jun 19, 2004. Go to 8.Classes of People & STUPID WHITE MEN NOT & DON'T WANT TO ACCEPT BLAME

GULLIVER EXPLAINS MONEY & TRADE (rich man enjoys fruit of poor man's Labour). Apr 23, 2004. Go to 6.Disputed Territories

GULLIVER DESCRIBES GOVERNMENT (a heap of conspiracies, rebellions, murders, massacres, revolutions, banishments). Apr 23, 2004. Go to 8.Classes of People

GULLIVER DESCRIBES LEGAL SYSTEM (art of proving by words that white is black and black is white). Apr 22, 2004. Go to 22.Doublethink & 21.Crimestop

Rwanda, Ten Years Later (ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front that toppled genocidal regime has abolished ethnic divisions). National Geographic, Apr 7, 2004. Go to 7.Systems & RWANDA'S GOOD MAN KAGAME

Ex top Christian attacks Muslims (for believing Mohammed received God's word direct from angels which scribes recorded later). Guardian, Mar 27, 2004. Go to 22.Doublethink & MOSES & SUGARCANDY MOUNTAIN

Shams, scams & Kofi Annan ($17-billion Iraq oil money went to UN's inner circle). NewZealand Herald, Mar 27, 2004 & Kofi regrets Rwanda genocide (guilty of sin of ommission in deaths of 800,000 Tutsis). BBC, Mar 27, 2004. Go to 2.Big Brother & BIG BROTHER'S GOOFY I AM

Kofi Annan says Canada is UN 'pillar' (wants a 'new global consensus'). Toronto Star, Mar 9, 2004. Go to 2.Big Brother & 5.Pyramidal New World Order & MCCARTHY'S UN THOUGHTS

Greenspan urges Social Security cuts (reduce benefits to retirees & keep raising retirement age). MyWay, Feb 26, 2004. Go to 8.Classes of People & GREENSPAN FROM JEKYLL ISLAND

CUSTODIAN OF THE PLANET (Maurice Strong - Senior Advisor to UN Secretary General; Senior Advisor to World Bank President; Chairman of the Earth Council; Chairman of the World Resources Institutue; Co-Chairman of the Council of the World Economic Forum...)

MONEY SLAVES (a reader says that's what we are). Feb 13, 2004. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down & 11.Ministry of Plenty (Starvation)& CASHLESS SOCIETY

We didn't ought to 'ave trusted those BIG BROTHER BUGGERS. Feb 9, 2004

BIG BROTHER'S GOOFY I AM (Kofi Annan to address Canada Parliament to help UN with global challenges). Canoe News, Jan 23, 2004

Trial judge once Monsanto's lawyer (& also previously ruled in their favour for $3-million against Tennesee farmer). Guardian, Jan 10, 2004. Go to MONSANTO PRICE FIXING WITH AGRI-GIANTS (seeds of world being given to handful of corporations who are going to own all food production). Guardian, Jan 7, 2004. Go to 15.Life in Oceania & WORLD FOOD BANK & ANTI-NATURE IS ANTI-GOD

Pope wants a New World Order (based on the United Nations to solve conflicts & ensure peace). Reuters, Jan 1, 2004. Go to 5.Pyramidal New World Order & 2.Big Brother & SLAVERY IN NAME OF FREEDOM

Canada's Beckie Scott finally gets gold (wrongfully given to Russian cheats). National Post, Dec 18, 2003. Go to CANADA'S WINTER HEROES & TRIBUTE TO LOUIS BOURASSA

Greenspan defends Chicom's trade surplus (resulting in 2.8 million US job losses due to slave labour & floating currency). Wash Times, Dec 11, 2003. Go to 8.Classes & GREENSPAN FROM JEKYLL ISLAND & RED CHINA & CAPITALISTS

INDIAN LAND CLAIMS DISBELIEVED (granted by Trudeau's 1982 constitution ie Sask=73%; Atlantic=74%; BC=71%). National Post, Nov 27, 2003. Go to LAND CLAIMS & I DON'T ACCEPT ALL BLAME & AGENDA 21 & UN LAND GRAB & 5.Pyramidal New World Order

COZY DAYS IN STALIN'S KREMLIN (moral depravity of elite men & women who enthusiastically inflicted horrors). Go to 22.Doublethink

Oz politician released from prison (handcuffed-stripped-degraded-demeaned; conviction thrown out on appeal). National Post, Nov 25, 2003. Go to 7.Systems of Thought & AUSTRALIA'S PERSECUTED PAULINE

Mulroney was the real story (ex-PM received $300,000 in cash as "grease money" from arms dealer). Globe & Mail, Nov 25, 2003. Go to 5.Pyramidal New World Order & CANADA'S MULRONEY BALONEY & RISE OF GODFATHERS

Canada has a new prime minister (and didn't even have an election). Atlanta Journal, Nov 16, 2003. AMERICA'S MORONS (dumb and dumber). Nov 16, 2003. Go to 18.Newspeak & FRENCHSPEAK IS NEWSPEAK

Soldier facing court martial (for saying Bush lied about reasons for going into Iraq war). Radio Ink, 11-13, 2003

Czech teenagers are human torches (protesting money & power depravity & war, unemployment, poverty). Scotsman, Nov 9, 2003. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down & GOOD KING WENCESLAS PLEASE LOOK OUT

INNUIT HELL IN HANDBASKET (tribe & gov't in booze cahoots while youth sniff gas undisturbed). National Post, Nov 1, 2003. Go to DRUG WAR & PEACE

Russian tycoons buying up England (with billions made from plundering their nation's natural resources) & KGB men run Kremlin. Telegraph, Oct 31, 2003. Go to 8.Classes of People

Like old times in new Russia (ultra-rich businessmen oligarchs bought country's assets for song). Independent, Oct 25, 2003. Go to 10.Rulers & 35.The Brotherhood & RUSSIA IS HELL'S INFERNO

Queen urges UK-Russia partnership (she "admires, respects & supports" Putin under the banner of the United Nations). BBC, Jun 24, 2003. Go to 7.Systems of Thought & CORPORATE COMMUNISM & Putin a Harry Potter elf

Colin Powell's son (heads FCC regulatory agency creating Ministry of Truth). Intervention, Jun 17, 2003. Go to 16.Ministry of Truth (Lies)

THE WATER BARONS (elites own worlds' water). CanadaFreePress, May 26, 2003. Go to WATER CONTROL & WHO IS MAURICE STRONG? & ENVIRONMENTALISM IS ANIMALISM

Saddam protected Palestinians (now they are persecuted). SanFranChron, May 22, 2003. Go to IRAQ LIKE PALESTINE

Sinatra rejected Paul's song ("Sir" is reminiscing). Ananova, May 17, 2003. Go to MCCARTNEY & BLUE EYES

Diplomats loot UN eatery (stole food-silverware-booze). NY Post, May 4, 2003. Go to 2.Big Brother & PIGS AT THE TROUGH

$600,000 UN kitchen remodel (for USA envoy Negroponte). Yahoo!AP, Apr 7, 2003. Go to 5.Pyramidal New World Order & PIGS AT THE TROUGH

USA USING ISRAELI TACTICS (treat Iraq like Palestine). National Post, Mar 30, 2003 & ZIONISTS RUN USA WAR (advise Democrats & Republicans). Rense.com & USA is Pro-Israel (& Israel is pro-war). Arab News. Go to ZIONISM IN AMERICA

Gretzky "U$ Lackey" says sign (on statue of Great One). ESPN, Mar 26, 2003

Iraq reconstruction worth billions (mega-corporations will be there). Guardian, Mar 11, 2003. Go to 11.Ministry of Plenty (Starvation)

Castro luxuriates in Vancouver (during stopover from Asian tour). CanWest, Mar 5, 2003. Go to COMMUNISM CUBAN STYLE

"Armageddon" tops best-seller list (millions of Americans hyped for war by bible-thumping evangelists). WashPost, Feb 2, 2003. Go to 25.Prolefeed & FRIENDS AT ARMAGEDDON

Tom Hanks threatens builder (with 'astronomical' lawsuit). Idaho Express, Jan 29, 2003

Church groups include atheists & Satanists (EU directive must be implemented). Telegraph, Jan 27, 2003. Go to 2.Big Brother & ANTI-GOD CONSPIRACY

A witch in prison? (Canada pays for Wiccan priests & Satanist faith allowed too). National Post, Jan 25, 2003. Go to 34.Miniluv & WITCHES, WIZARDS & DEMONS

'Smart card' for crossing border (urged by Canadian business leaders, one of whom is future PM). National Post, Jan 15, 2003. Go to 5.Pyramidal NWO & CORPORATE COMMUNISM

Sex trade thrives in China (communist gov't runs 5-star hotels catering to foreigners & military). Wash Post, Jan 4, 2003. Go to & 23.The Proles

Kissinger resigns from 9-11 panel ("even cursory search on internet shows controversy surrounds him"). Boston Globe, Dec 15, 2002. Go to ZIONISM IN AMERICA

Model who outed sex-abusers (while on tv, now in coma). Telegraph, Dec 11, 2002. Go to 40.Electric Shock Brainwashing

UN inspector a sadomasochist (USA State Dep't chose him). London Independent, Nov 29, 2002

Bush wants Kissinger to probe 9-11. Yahoo!AFP, Nov 27, 2002 & Kissinger: back door operator (suspected in political assassinations). BBC, Nov 27, 2002. Go to 35.The Brotherhood

Harvard speech cancelled (poet has criticized Jews & Israel). Boston Globe, Nov 13, 2002. Go to 18.Newspeak

South African revolution betrayed (Black Rule worse than White Rule). Baltimore Sun, Oct 7, 2002. Go to 8.Classes of People

Banker Greenspan gets knighted (2nd most powerful man in USA). CNN.com, Sep 26, 2002. Go to 3.Pyramidal New World Order

Indians claim California desert (major blow to state's economy). Fox News, Sep 21, 2002. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down & INDIAN LAND CLAIMS

Starving time in Zimbabwe (bloody dictator-hard-core racist). Boston Globe, Sep 19, 2002

Mel Gibson plays human sacrifice (with real blood & real screams?). London Times, Sep 13, 2002. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

Gluttons at UN starvation summit (60,000 eat more than 14 million). The UK Sun, Aug 27, 2000

Gadaffi heads UN Human Rights (Britain backing brutal tyrant). Sky News, Aug 20, 2002

UN accuses Canada of racism (wants power to decide guilt). National Post, Aug 7, 2002. Go to 2.Big Brother

Archbishop-designate made honorary Druid (a term for pagan priests who offered human sacrifices and whose members include politicians, actors and Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mother). National Post, Aug 6, 2002. Go to WITCHES, WIZARDS AND DEMONS

Catholic Church joins in condemning Le Pen (the only anti-abortion candidate). The Australian, May 3, 2002.

U.N. ready to send force to Mideast (BIG BROTHER wants to be in charge). Philadelphia Inquirer, Apr 12, 2002. Go to 2.Big Brother

Indians lay claim to Canadian land & resources (9.8 billion barrels oil, 25.9 trillion cu.ft. gas). Toronto Star, Mar 7, 2002. Go to INDIAN POEM

Head of U.N. visits Sesame Street. Yahoo!News, AP, Dec 6, 2001.

To oust Mugabe, target his cronies. National Post, Aug 13, 2001.

The next Jewish pope (received like royalty by elites). Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 6, 2001.

I want a piece of this First People's action. National Post, July 27, 2001.

Italy's Prime Minister-elect is the country's wealthiest man. National Post, May 15, 2001.

U.S. police get more power. Globe and Mail, April 24, 2001

Zimbabwe farm widow attacks 'gutless' Church. Electronic Telegraph, April 15, 2001.

Princeton ethics professor defends bestiality. Wall Street Journal, March 30, 2001.

Kofi Annan will seek second term as UN Secretary-General. Ottawa Citizen, March 23, 2001.

Clergy kowtowed to Kremlin. Calgary Sun, March 18, 2001.

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