To Orwell Today,

How is killing of the wolf population going to help the population of reindeer? Killing the wolves is just the same as the wolves killing reindeer. They are important because they kill off the OLD and the SICK reindeer so when we go hunting there are mostly healthy deer for you and me. No I'm not a hippee - I just think that you're messing with the ecosystem by allowing this.

Alex Lawson

P.S. Please respond back as soon as possible

Greetings Alex,

I don't know which article on wolves on my website caused you to write in with your question. And I'm not going to spend much time responding - especially if you haven't done any homework on wolves and are just "shooting off" at the mouth - maybe from the vantage point of a comfy chair in your TV room where all you know about wolves comes from David Suzuki or the World Wildlife Fund or some other LENINIST/ENVIRONMENTALIST/ANIMALIST organization. You can be sure, though, that Suzuki or any of the other proponents of predators over humans and livestock would never themselves go into the woods alone - or without a gun or a scout to protect THEM. But they want we, the SHEOPLE, to stop being "bear bait" or "wolf bait" (their name for human activity) and stay OUT of the woods altogether so as to keep it sacrosanct for themselves and their full-fanged friends.

If you think the only thing wolves kill is sick old reindeer you probably couldn't be convinced otherwise unless you yourself were attacked - at which point you'd realize they also have a taste for two-legged prey - the human kind.

I suggest you read the WOLVES IN WOLVES CLOTHING section of my website to better arm youself against predators - of all kinds.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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