To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie Jura,

I am an Italian student. I'm preparing a thesis on Orwell's 1984, in particular about the New/duck-speak and its effects on the people's mind. It is very difficult, only thinking that all is already been written about Orwell, 1984 etc... and it's almost impossible to write some news...

I find your site very interesting and plenty of notices. But, I need an ulterior information: I find on the web the notice that a lost sequel of 1984 had been discovered. It is a true news? or is it a fake?? and, if this book exists, how can I find and read it?? could you help me, please????????

Thank you very much,
Irene Viola

PS - Sorry, it was an error. It is a humour website... unfortunately, there is no Orwell 's sequel...

Greetings Viola,

Yes (as you discovered after writing and before I responded) there is no sequel to "1984".

It would be impossible for there to be a sequel because Orwell was hospitalized immediatly after finishing "1984" and died six-months after it was published in June 1950. "1984" was Orwell's last book and the writing of it hastened his death. See THE MANUSCRIPT OF 1984 and SONIA'S FLAT & ORWELL'S HOSPITAL

Jackie Jura
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