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Aside from the lunar lander being too big for the vehicle that landed on the moon, the small overlooked piece of evidence I noticed was ...Who was left on the moon to use the video cameras to show the thing take off? The camera tracks the thing as it lifts off. That's not possible with the equipment they had then. It was done by hand. So who was left on the moon? If it's possible to see the earth in the background is it always the same view? The earth does rotate, it can't always be the same view. I have not actually looked into that question, but I'm sure there is some interesting details.


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Thanks for the very interesting questions and observations about which I have never given any thought. But now that you mention it, how DID that lunar lander fit into the capsule that went to the moon?

I didn't realize, if what you say is true, that some of the pictures of the Lunar Lander leaving were taken from the vantage point of the moon. If that's the case how DID the astro-not take them or if it was a camera that was left on the moon, how did the film get delivered?

I am not up at all on the earth photos we supposedly saw so don't recall if land masses were evident but if they were then over a time span one would expect to see different ones.

As you can see, I'm no Moon Landing expert but I do find the topic very interesting.

The photo above was sent by a reader a while back. See KUBRICK'S APOLLO MOON CONNECTIONS. It depicts one of HBO's (Home Box Office) movie-sets for their 1997 documentary entitled FROM EARTH TO THE MOON. It's the scene where an astro-not is climbing up or down the Lunar Lander ladder.

I haven't yet had the time to read the eleven-page magazine article that accompanied the photo but now that my curiosity has been aroused, I'll go read it now:

A TRIP TO THE MOON, by Jean Oppenheimer, American Cinematographer magazine, April 1998 edition
Cinamatographer Gale Tattersall lends his skills to HBO's From Earth to the Moon, an ambitious 12-part series, produced with the cooperation of NASA, which traces the history of the Apollo space missions.

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