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Hello again Jackie,

I thought that you would find this story about Abe Lincoln's ties to Idaho to be interesting:

Exhibit claims Lincoln had a stronger relationship to Idaho than any other state (...That claim would launch arguments in Kentucky, where Lincoln was born, and Illinois, where he spent much of his life and is buried. Indiana, where he spent parts of his youth and early manhood, also would seem to have a greater claim to the Great Emancipator than Idaho - where Lincoln never set foot..."Those other states were places he was just passing through. He created this one, and more than any other other state Idaho is related to him. This exhibit is prepared to defend that claim...")

I have some more comments linked at the end of the Idaho Statesman story.

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Jim Banholzer

Greetings Jim,

Thank you for sending that article about Lincoln's close ties to Idaho, about which I was previously unaware.

Potatoes usually come to mind when I think of Idaho but in the future I'll be thinking Lincoln.

I recall our previous email exchange about LINCOLN'S MIRROR-IMAGE OMEN

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