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About 12 years ago I was at an auction and in a box of assorted items there were about 15 issues of old LIFE magazines and a majority of them were covering the JFK assassination and the events afterwards. I have read all these, before I ever saw or heard of much except what history has taught me through conventional teachings. But once I started reading these I saw and noticed the shirt and the man in the doorway of the TSBD and I came to the very same conclusion that you had.

A few years back I actually had a chance to go to Dallas and I investigated this myself. There was one thing I did not do while I was at Dealey Plaza: I did not go into the museum because I wanted to make a judgement call myself and didn't want any Warren Report propaganda to cloud my investigation.

There were a few things that I did discover, along with taking photos, although I felt like I was going to be arrested or something for going behind and around and walking the tracks and looking through fences and the like.

Although I did not, obviously, find out who the shooters were, I did come to a few conclusions like the fact that:

- The TSBD window theory does not fit in the trajectory of the first bullet that went through Kennedy's neck and into Connally. I figure the shooting position to be more to the left of that window (standing forward in front of building) and being higher or lower, although I could not determine because I did not know the exact height of the bullet that hit the dashboard of the limo.

- I believe there were 4 shots fired in all, 3 from one type weapon (not in this particular order): one hit the curb, one hit the dash and one struck Kennedy in the lower neck.

- And the other finding I came to believe in is that the Grassy Knoll has serious trajectory problems. Like I said, I took photos to support my findings. I believe the Grassy Knoll shot was in that area but within twenty feet of the tressel. If you look at the piece of matter that came from Kennedy's head, that fell onto the trunk of his limo, and do a trajectory from there, you can assume the bullet flew straight. This matches an area of the Knoll that happens to have a large flood drain that I know will fit a man of up to 175lbs. I myself crawled down the hole until it became too dark to see. But this is where the fatal shot came from as the limo passed the sign where the man with the umbrella was standing.

If you would like to see these photos you can email me and I'll be happy to send them to you.

Hopefully this info is helpful,
John Havens

Greetings John,

Congrats on coming across those old 60s' LIFE magazines dealing with the JFK assassination. Even though they spin the Warren Commission line, they and other magazines of the time contain some of the best photographic evidence and provide key puzzle pieces for those able to recognize truth amongst the lies and read between the lines.

Just this past Christmas I received a gift of a home-made leather-bound booklet (found in a used-book-store) made up of four editions of LOOK magazine from 1967. They comprise the serialization of William Manchester's upcoming 1967 book THE DEATH OF A PRESIDENT and some of the accompanying photos are fantasitic (most of which I'd never seen before and will be adding to upcoming and existing articles to help readers visualize).

I also received a coffee-table book with a clearer photo of Oswald standing in the TSBD doorway. See OSWALD IN DOOR NOT 6TH FLOOR

Thanks for sharing your insights garnered from your investigation at Dealey Plaza. Please do send the photos. They'll be a much-valued contribution to the JFK ASSASSINATION PUZZLE PIECES section of ORWELL TODAY.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - As I'm answering your email I found some related stories in the news this past few days:

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