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Hello again, Mrs Jura! Thank you so much for your answer: KENNEDY CHARACTER-KILLING CONTINUES

I am so sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I was very busy in last few months. Fortunately, I had got some time to buy and read some of the Kennedy books recommended on your website. I'm reading "Brothers" by David Talbot now. It's very interesting book, but it's confusing me... What I mean is, that chapter three "1962", page 135 (in my book), which starts with the words "On August 16, 1962...".

It's quite hard to get. Does it mean that JFK slept with "mafia girls" and was friend of Frank Sinatra, then he finally ended his acquaintanceship with him, when Hoover told RFK that he has an evidence of the President's infidelity?

I knew that JFK and Sinatra knew each other, but I didn't know they were friends! And I also knew that Judy Garland was President Kennedy's friend, but lover?

No... I just... I cannot believe that. I am sorry, maybe I just don't get this chapter...

I come from Poland and believe it or not, President John F Kennedy and his beloved brother, Senator Robert F Kennedy, meant a lot to Polish people. It's true that the whole world cried when they died... Even Communist Block. I've spoken to my parents few weeks ago. They were both alive when JFK and RFK were killed (my Father was nearly eleven when President was shot, my Mum was nine). She never believed in all those rumors about Kennedy brothers, however my Father lost his faith in their goodness years ago. And he never told me why...

Have you read "The JFK Jr Scrapbook" by Stephen Spignesi, "True Compass: A Memoir" by Senator Edward M Kennedy and "When They Kill a President" by Roger Craig? If you did, what do think about those books?

Ania (Anya)

Greetings Anya,

Talbot's book BROTHERS has some valuable information in it and shines light on some aspects of JFK and Bobby but it also contains many blatant lies that are so bad they wreck the book, and for that reason I don't include it in my list of GOOD BOOKS ON JFK & FAMILY even though I originally said that I would. See JFK-RFK BOOK BROTHERS

Brothers JFK RFK Brothers Pg135

As in that chapter you cite, the powers-that-be spread lies about JFK's father just as much as they spread lies about JFK. In a way they hate Joseph Kennedy Sr more than they hate JFK, because it was JFK's father who in large part made JFK the man JFK became. It's a lie that JFK's father swung deals with the Mafia to get JFK elected, just like it's a lie that JFK was screwing around with Mafia-goons girlfriends, or that Bobby believed what Hoover was saying about it. Hoover was controlled by the forces behind JFK's assassination - and it was in Hoover's interests that JFK be assassinated because JFK was going to fire him as head of FBI. Bobby knew all about Hoover's cover-up of the existence of the Mafia in America because Bobby - and JFK - had fought against the Mafia for years when JFK was a Senator and Bobby was on the committee fighting organized crime. See THE ENEMY WITHIN & RFK HATED BY HOOVER & MAFIA & RFK'S HISTORY WITH HOFFA

No, I haven't read THE JFK-JR SCRAPBOOK (and don't intend to). And I probably won't be reading TRUE COMPASS: A MEMOIR either - even though it's supposedly written by Edward Kennedy. I don't believe it really is because Teddy was destroyed a long time ago - in a different way - by the powers-that-be who destroyed his brothers. But shortly before he died he did manage to get the word out on what he thought about the JFK sex-stories. He said they were BULLSHIT.

But yes, I have read WHEN THEY KILL A PRESIDENT by Roger Craig and consider it a MUST READ. Roger Craig is an American hero who died in the line of duty. See his poem DEDICATED TO PRESIDENT KENNEDY

As to JFK and Frank Sinatra, yes, they had met, but only in capacity of mega-star entertaining the president. They weren't personal friends, although one of JFK's sisters was married to a rat-pack friend of Sinatra's. Sinatra's betrayal and slander of JFK is covered in our previous email exchange and in PLAYBOY'S JFK

I didn't find mention of Judy Garland in Talbot's book BROTHERS, but you're right, JFK and Garland were friends, NOT lovers. The love, and lover, of JFK's life was his wife and only his wife and THAT'S THE BONAFIDE TRUTH.

Judy Garland was one of America's greatest talents and three weeks after JFK's assassination, on her weekly TV show, she sang BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC in his memory, although she was prevented by CBS from dedicating it to him.

It's wonderful that people in Poland felt the love of JFK and RFK and returned that love. Keep on learning about them and helping spread the truth.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - You may not have noticed, but HISTORY channel is preparing a JFK character assassination so bad that Caroline is asking for help from someone, somewhere, in stopping it. I posted the story, and one about RFK, when the news came out eight months ago:

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