To Orwell Today,

To whom it may concern:

I have read your list on the Lincoln and JFK coincidences. I have a few facts that are not on the list that I would like to share:

1. Rathbone, who was with Lincoln in the Ford theatre was injured (stabbed) and Connally, who was with JFK in the Ford car, was injured (hit by a bullet)

2. Both wives held their husband's head on their laps after they were shot

3. Neither president died immediately after being shot

I hope this can help add to your amazing list.

Ondra Shafer

Greetings Ondra,

Thanks for those additions which I'll add to the list, along with another I just noticed:

- Rathbone, the man with Lincoln when he was shot, has 8 letters in his name
- Connally, the man with Kennedy when he was shot, has 8 letters in his name

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I didn't include the two other coincidences you sent, ie:

- that "both Lincoln and Kennedy were shot in the back of the head with both shots coming from the rear right" because in Kennedy's case the fatal shot came from the FRONT right, not the rear (although he was ALSO shot in the back of the head)

- that "both assassins were shot with a revolver before being brought to trial" because Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT Kennedy's assassin (just alleged) and John Wilkes Boothe was not the man shot dead (just alleged, as the dead man had red hair, whilst Boothe's hair was dark black)

Jackie Jura
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