To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

This is Rosita from Singapore! You went to Hay-on-Wye in 2003, did you & your husband ever return?

I'm going there right after X'mas (Paris Disneyland first), and saw your article. I've always believed this book town sounds magical - and your writings certainly made it more so. My family & me have been to UK & Europe practically every other Christmas for the cold & snow. But we're like stuck in a time groove when we get into Wales -- there's one spot called Llangollen by the river Dee & the other is Betwys-y-coed. Especially Llangollen we go to & can't ever leave - ethereal & serene, a truly haunting beauty. One of the attractions in that town is Plas Newydd, gothic home of the "Ladies of Llangollen" -- it's quaintly mysterious & there's something about that place which "pulls you".

We've missed heading to Wye a few times...mainly for the weather (heavy snows). But this year we're getting there -- your article was certainly persuasive & helpful. Thanks a lot -- I shall look out for the lovely scenery you had driving in & out of there, a place from another time -- wow.....can't wait to experience it.

I hope, like me, you will get to England or Wales or Scotland again in all your travels (been reading your pages), because I simply think it quite one of the most beautiful places on earth. Check out Snowdonia & the Llanberis Pass - it's so hauntingly beautiful it makes you sad. There's something to be said of old country, and this is "old country".

A happy Christmas, Jackie!!
Rosita Taib

Greetings Rosita,

So glad to hear you enjoyed reading about my trip to HAY-ON-WYE BOOK TOWN and that you're planning to visit there yourself. I haven't returned to Wales since then but "never say never"... one day perhaps I will.

I've been to your country -- Singapore -- on the way to Australia back in the 70s and enjoyed it very much -- spent several days there waiting for the boat to leave for Perth.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas in "the old country".

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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