To Orwell Today,

We are doing the 1984 play, and I wanted to check that the correct pronunciation of Goldstein is Gold-st"eye"n. Is this correct? (My students want to say "gold-steen", which I contend is incorrect, but I wanted to make sure.)

Thank you!

Greetings Stacci,

Personally I have always pronounced it phonetically as gold-STINE but I have noticed lately that it is being pronounced as gold-STEEN when that name is ever mentioned (ie on radio or tv not related to "1984"). Also, the name Bernstein (which I pronounce as bern-STINE is now always heard as being pronounced bern-STEEN too). I don't know when or why this change of pronunciation came about.

In the English pronunciation guide it is pronounced both ways.

If you listen to the 1949 radio play of "1984" it is pronounced gold-STINE. See DAVID NIVEN AS WINSTON SMITH

I don't know how it's pronounced in the 1984 version of the movie "1984" because I don't own a copy. I checked the 1956 MOVIE OF "1984" which I DO own, but "Goldstein" is never mentioned in that production (which is better than the 1984 version but still not very good in my opinion).

All the best with your play,
Jackie Jura

PS - I'm watching the inaugural ceremonies and Dianne Feinstein has just been introduced and her name was pronounced fine-STINE.

Jackie Jura
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