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...just want to let you know I added a few paragraphs to the body of my article describing the Viv Forbes' interview which really help in understanding:

Quoting Viv Forbes directly from the interview

"...What the EPA is doing in coal (and the reason they are using to kill coal) is they are trying to limit carbon dioxide and you certainly cannot. A good, clean coal-fired power station today produces from every ton of coal, about three tons of carbon dioxide and there is nothing you can do about that. That is what the process is.

And therefore in the exhaust products of coal they have back houses to catch all the dust. They have electro-static precipitators to precipitate the fine material; they have filters to catch any other chemical things. But what comes out -- for every ton of coal that comes out -- there is about ten tons of gaseous products that come up the stack. And of those products 70% of it is nitrogen, plain old nitrogen, a most essential plant food for every bit of protein in the world; 20% is carbon dioxide. And that's the one that they fuss about. That's what the EPA is trying to limit. They're trying to limit carbon dioxide because they know it's not possible to limit the emission of carbon dioxide from burning coal. That's what coal does when you burn it. It produces carbon dioxide. Another nearly ten percent is water, water vapour.

So 70% is nitrogen, a plant food; another 20% is carbon dioxide, the most essential food for all green plants; and water, essential for all life on Earth. And the rest is the stuff that was in the air. Alot of what comes up the stack of a coal-fired power station is what went in, to burn, in the air -- things like argon, which is in the air originally. And there is ash -- ash products are produced. Once upon a time there was no catching of what they call flue ash, which is very fine ash, like you'd get off a bush fire or an open air cremation -- a fine ash which is quite dangerous to breathe. But modern power stations collect that fine ash and in fact use it to make cement. So there is nothing dangerous or deleterious to health. In fact it's all very beneficial to life and particularly plant life -- nitrogen for protein -- carbon dioxide for every green plant which supports every animal -- and water vapour...."

~ end quoting Viv Forbes ~

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I've made another addition to the text of the DEFENDING CO2, OIL, GAS & COAL article because it emphasizes a very vital point. Here it is:

...And, as Viv Forbes pointed out, there IS no global warming. The globe is NOT warming.

Here's the excerpt from the interview:

Patrick Timpone: "...And it's moving forward isn't it. I mean, we hear the term "global warming" now on some media, lots of media, like it's just a fait accomplis, like it just is; we all know it exists; we all know that it's a problem and, you know, they talk about it like it's just science, like it's real."

Viv Forbes: "It's amazing that we can still talk about global warming after 19 years of no global warming. The Earth has not risen in temperature for 19 years. How much longer...This greenhouse effect, there's no delaying it. If additional carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere tomorrow it will start affecting the rays of the sun TOMORROW, not in 19 years time...."

~ end quoting interview ~

Am bringing this to your attention Patrick otherwise, having already read the article, you may not realize changes have been made. I was in such a hurry to get the interview up that I was quicker writing the article than I needed to be, and thus had to come back to it. Hopefully I can leave it alone now, but there's no guarantee. But these changes are important because they'll help people understand.

I added a change to the Home Page too:

(no global warming; temp hasn't risen for 19-yrs)
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To Orwell Today,, great, good job Jackie

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Jackie sends appreciation to Patrick Timpone for his interview with Viv Forbes, the CO2 expert from Australia defending coal, gas and oil & posts the link for readers to listen

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