To Orwell Today,

I am looking for the title of a recent book which claims Orwell based 1984 on an actual place where the people even today revere Orwell and believe he was talking about them. Have you heard of a book which discusses this topic or do you know of the place referenced in the book?

Thank you,
Annette Counts

P.S. I am trying to find this information for a library school reference project.

Greetings Annette,

Yes, the actual place is Burma, and the name of the book is FINDING GEORGE ORWELL IN BURMA, by Emma Larkin. It came out in 2005.

To people of Burma - who've read "1984" and are living its brutal totalitarian reality - Orwell is considered a prophet.

To read excerpts and see my copy of the book, go to: FINDING ORWELL IN BURMA.

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Jackie Jura

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