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Have you read "1985" by Anthony Burgess or "1984 Palimpset" by Peter Huber? I discovered these when trying to find a in-depth study guide to "1984" and "Animal Farm." -Any recommendations on this, by the way?

Thanks for all your work! Please keep it up!
Sanford, Maine, USA

Greetings Brian,

No, until you mentioned it I hadn't heard of "1985" by Anthony Burgess - the only thing I know of his being the movie CLOCKWORK ORANGE which I've never watched all the way through.

I own a copy of the book ORWELL'S REVENGE: THE 1984 PALIMPSEST by Peter Huber (picked it up at a book sale one time) but had difficulty getting into it and didn't persevere.

Orwell Revenge

I don't know of any in-depth study guides of "1984" or "Animal Farm" but recommend you read the 45-themes into which I've divided "1984" which are listed down the left side on the Home Page of "Orwell Today".

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Jackie Jura

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