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re: BBC'S 1954 TV VERSION OF 1984

Do you know how/if we could find a copy of the 1968 version of 1984 that you mentioned on your website was done for the BBC. My daughter is doing a book/movie comparison for a school project and you said that this was the closest to the book. We have found the 1956 and 1984 versions on line already.


Greetings Gracia,

Since my answer to the previous reader asking about the BBC version of "1984" I haven't heard anything new.

I personally have not seen the BBC production which came out in 1954 (not 1968). It was originally performed LIVE as a play in front of a studio audience (as were all productions in those days). It aired twice in 1954 and then was rebroadcast again in 1977 and 1994 but since that time has not been aired and will not be available on DVD or video until 2020.

At one time - in 1986 for their 50th anniversary - the BBC wanted to rebroadcast their "1984" but the producers of the 1984 movie version (starring John Hurt & Richard Burton) wouldn't permit BBC to do so, fearing it would affect income for their "1984" film. I don't know why the BBC had to bend to their wishes but that apparently was the case.

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