To Orwell Today,


My name is Ari, I live in Guatemala, but I was raised in the U.S. I read your article and you did a great job.

Call me crazy, but is it me or is 1984 really the future? See, it wasn't until I left the U.S. that I realized how militarized it is. But living there, it was like being one more of the guys, like Winston. Anyways just thought I'd share my opinion and it was a good read.

Take care,

Dear Ari,

Please tell me which article you read. There are hundreds of articles on my website.

Jackie Jura


PS - I've added a map of Guatemala to picture "where you're coming from" (as the old saying goes)

To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie!

This is the website page that I read: 1984'S MESSAGE and I think it is pretty cool that you have written so much you lost track. That is awesome! Keep it up!

Have a good one!

Greetings Ari,

Thanks for getting back with the link and yes, I've been writing articles for so many years now -- since 2001 and we're now approaching 2014 -- that I definitely do lose track. But it's always great to hear from readers discovering a particular article -- or discovering Orwell's writings for the first time too.

And no, you're not crazy for thinking 1984 is our future -- at this point, a person's crazy if they DON'T see it that way. And that's why it's important that Orwell's warning be spread far and wide -- including to Guatemala.

Great to have you as reader.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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