To Orwell Today,

I am astonished at the accuracy of this book, 1984. I was made to read it in 1982 in high school. I half heartedly tried but was too interested in girls. But now in 2009 I read it and am slapped across the face by the accuracy. CONTINUOUS WARFARE, that's one of the things that really disturbs me; also the telescreens in the jails and homes. I was recently thrown into my local county jail and there was a listening device in the cell!!! openly exposed not hidden. 1984 is here.

I'd like to share more thoughts on this as well as hear some of your own.

Emmanuel Goldstein

Greetings Emmanuel,

Glad to have you as a reader of "Orwell Today" and congrats on becoming conscious of the accuracy of "1984". Please feel free to drop a line any time with further Orwellian comparisons you recognize.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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