To Orwell Today,


I have just (belatedly) read your webpage and found it most interesting and informative. As luck would have it I am treading the boards around a few Orwellian sites myself this year so it has been quite a help.

I recently read a book you might like to read yourself that was written with G.O.'s life as its background. It is called "13 O'Clock" and written by Thurston Clarke the well known travel author. It is his only fictionilised work that I know of but still a good read for any Orwell fan.

If you have trouble getting a copy let me know and you can have mine.

- G. Legge

Greetings G Legge,

Doubleplusgood for telling me about that G.O. book which I'd never actually heard of but which I'm very interested in reading. It may be fictionalized but it's definitely based on solid facts about Orwell's life:

Thirteen O'Clock. A Novel about George Orwell and 1984 (..."...Orwell looked nervous and worried. He said that he feared that the Communists were out to kill him and asked Hemingway for the loan of a pistol. Ernest lent him the .32 Colt... Orwell departed like a pale ghost....")

I appreciate your generosity of spirit in offering to give me your own copy of "Thirteen O'Clock" but luckily I've just now ordered a used, hardcover (with dustjacket), 1st edition copy (in very good condition) from Alibris and it will be arriving the first week of May.

I'm so glad you've discovered "Orwell Today" and it's great to have you as a reader and fellow Orwell fan.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


Jackie Jura
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