They keep killing Kennedy. In these preceding days [2002] before the 39th anniversary of the physical assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, November 22nd, 1963, the assassination of his character ratches up a notch. Obviously a "general directive from the Planning Committee in the Ministry of Truth" has come down and new JFK books "oozing with sex" and other lies about his character are hitting the Party bookstores, and being reviewed in the Party newspapers.

Eight (8) new Kennedy books came out in the autumn of 2001 alone, and now in the fall of 2002, more are spewing from the "gutter" press (a term Orwell coined).

The reason the powers-that-be (members of Big Brother's Brotherhood) killed JFK was because he was a leader, not a follower. JFK caught the attention of the world with his shining example of how to do things that benefit the people, not the "elites". That's why his slaughter on their altar was such a traumatic event for all the world to witness. It was horrific, and is etched on the psyche of everyone old enough to be there.

But killing him physically wasn't enough for his enemies. JFK's biggest threat was his powerful influence over the minds and hearts of the people who admired him. So, ever since his loss to the world on that terrible day, there has been a never-ending assault on his character. Those who destroyed his body are trying to destroy his image in the hope of destroying his ideas, examples of which are in the following articles spewing raw sewage into the minds of gullible, uninformed people.

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Jackie Jura, 2002

Newly disclosed JFK medical file (according to an "historian" who "took notes" but no copies). NY Times, Nov 16, 2002
A so-called presidential historian named Dallek is writing a new JFK biography entitled AN UNFINISHED LIFE; JOHN F. KENNEDY, 1917-1963, to be published next year. ... Dallek was granted access to look at JFK's medical records... He was allowed to examine the records and to make notes but not photocopies [in other words its his word against anyone else's]. His findings appear in the December issue of The Atlantic Monthly and he discussed them with The New York Times... According to Dallek:
- the president, among other things, took painkillers, anti-anxiety agents, stimulants and sleeping pills,
 as well as hormones to keep him alive, with extra doses in times of stress...

Camelot on painkillers ("He didn't feel your pain; he felt his")
Wall Street Journal, Nov 22, 2002

In his forthcoming book "The Medical Ordeals of JFK", excerpted in the "Atlantic Monthly" magazine, Robert Dallek says JFK had:

- Addison's disease
- chronic and intense back pain due to the collapse of bones in his spinal column
- intestinal problems inlcuding colitis and ulcers
- chronic prostatitis and urethritis
- frequent fatique, high fevers
- increased vulnerability to infection
- frequent headaches, diarrhea
- chronic abscess in his back

The medications he took included:
- corticosteroids
- procaine
- antispasmodics including Lomotil
- testosterone
- amphetamines to help combat fatigue and depression
- Nembutal
- and, for a few days, an antipsychotic drug

...are inappropriate in a sitting president, and a standing one too, if he could stand ...This information, much of which existed for four decades, was suppressed, including by his presidential library, which in effect used taxpayer money to keep secrets from taxpayers, is a scandal, and the rules and regulations by which presidential libraries operate should, as they say in Washington, be revisited ...JFK had three doctors treating him, one of whom, the famous "Dr Feelgood," Max Jacobson, was giving him amphetamine shots during his first summit with Krushchev. There, JFK displayed an utter inability to defend free-market capitalism in the face of Krushchev's coarse onslaughts on the superiority of Marxism...[end quoting]

And now read about a book from last year, written by another person no one has ever heard of, which is right off the wall. But people actually BELIEVE this stuff and it goes down as legend, just like the JFK and Marilyn Monroe lie:

The canny queen of Camelot (a new biography of Jacqueline Kennedy)
National Post, Nov 10, 2001

excerpts from book MRS KENNEDY: THE MISSING HISTORY OF THE KENNEDY YEARS, by Barbara Leaming, regarding the President and First Lady:
- he was a compulsive womanizer
- she was an 'enabler' who consciously condoned her husband's affairs. She escaped from the capital
  to the family's retreat in Virginia as often as she could to leave him free to conduct his affairs
- he smoked marijuana and dropped LSD with Mary Meyer, a woman from the couple's social set
  for whom he arranged space in the first family's nulcear fall-out center
- they and their friends were routinely injected with methamphetamines in a secret mixture
  by a dubious New York doctor known as Dr Feel-Good
- he was often medicated with speed
- he played nuclear chicken with Russia
- he was ambivalent about his strategy in Vietnam and bedded women who could pose serious security risks
- his presidency was marred by allegations of Mafia ties, covert operations and staggering sexual indiscretions
- she lied when she said JFK would play the title song of CAMELOT as he fell asleep at night...[end quoting]


JFK had an intern too (& Mafia boss girlfriend who aborted JFK's baby). NY Daily, May 12, 2003

PLAYBOY'S JFK (June 2003 edition)




*LIST OF BOOKS (that factually discuss JFK - the man, his presidency and his policies)


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