JFK Grave Flame

by Roger Craig -- 1971

Our president John Kennedy went down to Dallas town
Where the hired assassins waited and there they shot him down,
Because he dreamed of peace and plenty and he talked it 'round
His dream goes marching on.

From the book depository and of course that grassy knoll
And the Dal Tex building's shooter fulfilled his deadly role
The noon day sun was witness as they took their awful toll
His dream goes marching on.

The industrial and military complex can't survive
Without their little horror wars they artfully contrive.
If they push us to the big one then we won't come out alive
His dream goes marching on.

Our President is lying up there cold beneath his flame
He is calling out for vengeance and to do so in his name.
To keep the peace forever and erase our nation's shame
His dream goes marching on.

~ adaptation of Battle Hymn of the Republic ~

BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC (Judy Garland sings on December 13, 1963 in commemoration of the death of President John F. Kennedy....."Glory, Glory Halleluja, His truth is marching on...")

RogerCraigWitness CountyJailMainHouston watch JFK assassination deputy-sheriff tell-all interview April 1974 (Sheriff Roger Craig was a real American hero. He told the truth regardless of several murder attemps on his life. In the end, however, America's evil government had him murdered. This is his unique story), YouTube, re-uploaded January 2016)
...I was standing in front of the Sheriff's Office which at that time was at 505 Main Street, directly in front of the front door. We had to wait about 15 minutes before the motorcade arrived... The President came by and they made the right turn onto Houston street. And a few seconds later, give 'em time to get to Elm Street and make a left, I heard what I called a report, a gunshot, and I said...oh my God, and I turned and started toward Houston Street, running just as hard as I could. Probably 15 steps from Houston Street. Before I reached Houston, I heard 2 more reports.... Well, there was a Dallas police officer running up the Grassy Knoll to the picket fence. The motorcade had left by then, and I immeediately assumed that he knew soemthing about the shots or he wouldn't have been headed for the picket fence. So I followed him.... At that time I didn't know the President had been shot. People were mentioning the President was shot, that a Secret Service agent was shot -- there were stories flying all over. But my interest was to get beind that picket fence because that was where that Dallas police officer was headed. He was in the motorcade -- he was a motorcycle, a traffic officer. I worked in that area for probably 7-8 minutes...until I ran into Mr & Mrs Arnold Rowland. Mr Rowland told me that 15 minutes before the motorcade arrived he saw two men on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository. One was a white male in the east corner of the sixth floor with a rifle. The other one was a coloured male at the west end of the 6th floor pacing back and forth....

ArnoldWifeRowland watch JFK assassination witness Arnold Rowland describes seeing a gunman at a different window, YouTube (At 12:15 pm Rowland saw a man with a "high-powered rifle" standing about five feet from the south-west corner window, on the other side of the building from the "sniper's nest" where it was argued Lee Harvey Oswald fired his rifle. He told the Warren Commission: "I noticed on the sixth floor of the building that there was a man back from the window, not hanging out the window. He was standing and holding a rifle, This appeared to me to be a fairly high-powered rifle because of the scope and the relative proportion of the scope to the rifle..." Later, Rowland saw another man with a rifle at the "east end of the building, the one that they said the shots were fired from". He added that the man was black, about 55 years old, practically bald and very thin....)

MauserRifleCarcaon watch Police Officer Seymour Weitzman found rifle on 6th Floor TSBD, YouTube (identified the rifle as a German Mauser, later said he made a mistake...it was an Italian Mannlicher Carcano...)

Seymour Weitzman, Dallas Police Officer, Spartacus (Seymour Weitzman was born in Dallas, Texas. During the Second World War he served in the United States Air Force (USAAF) but he was shot down and became a prisoner of war in Japan. Weitzman graduated from Indiana Engineering School in 1945. He returned to Dallas and was district supervisor and manager for Holly's Dress Shops for 15 years. In 1960 Weitzman began work for the Dallas Police Department. On 22nd November, 1963, Weitzman and Roger Craig discovered the rifle on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. He initially described it as a 7.65 Mauser. Later he changed his mind and said it was a Mannlicher-Carcano. Weitzman later gave evidence to the Warren Commission, and the CBS: The Warren Report.)

watch Roger Craig interview, YouTube (... My name appeared in several books that came out condemning the Warren Commission. So people began to come from all over the country and they'd come in and ask me if they could talk to me and ask me what happened on that day. And I saw nothing wrong with telling them what I saw and heard. I gave my statement. So the Sheriff, he called me in and asked me what the people wanted who were coming down there. And I told him they just wanted to talk to me about what happened. An he said, "Well you tell 'em when they come that you didn't see anything, and you didn't hear anything...)

OswaldPoliceRogerCraig watch Officer Roger Craig Interview, YouTube
...Officer Craig was on duty at the JFK assassination and was one of the first officers in the Texas School Book Depository; his account of what happened at Dealey Plaza is slightly different to the story we are being told; Craig's claims are backed up by news crew footage that was shot and broadcast live at the time and has never been seen since, mainly because of the fact that it shows you the second and REAL gun that was fired at JFK.... At 12:40 or 12:45pm Craig witnessed Oswald running down the slope from in front of the Texas School Book Depository and get into a light-coloured Rambler station wagon that had pulled over to the curb on Elm Street....

watch Roger Craig & JFK: Two Men In Dallas and Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4 and Part 5, YouTube
A 1976 documentary produced by attorney Mark Lane, author of the 1966 book Rush To Judgement. Lane tells the story of Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig. Craig was on duty on November 22nd, and made crucial observations. Unlike others, he saw nothing wrong in telling people the truth of what he observed. After his name appeared in books, articles etc., his life changed, not for the better. Attempts were made on his life; his car blew up, he was shot at, and he was practically forced off the road and barely survived the accident. Amongst his many crucial observations at the Plaza, is Oswald running down the Grassy Knoll, being picked up by a slow driving station wagon, heading west in Elm St. After being signaled to. Also the rifle with the clear stamp on the barrel reading "7.65 Mauser" found in the depository. That is only some of the crucial observations he made.

WHEN THEY KILL A PRESIDENT, unpublished manuscript by Roger Craig, 1971
Roger Craig was named the Dallas Sheriff's Department "Officer of the Year" in 1960 by the Dallas Traffic Commission. He received four promotions while he was Deputy Sheriff. Roger Craig was a Deputy Sheriff in Dallas at the time of the assassination of President Kennedy. He was a member of a group of men from Dallas County Sheriff James Eric "Bill" Decker's office that was directed to stand out in front of the Sheriff's office on Main Street (at the corner of Houston) and "take no part whatsoever in the security of that motorcade." Once he heard the first shot, Roger Craig immediately bolted towards Houston Street. His participation in the formative hours of the investigation during the rest of that day and into the evening included observations and experiences that would have singlehandedly destroyed the entire Warren Commission fairy tale before a grand jury or a Congressional investigation.

watch Two Men in Dallas: The Mysterious Developments Around Roger Craig, by Gary Revel (Was the rifle found on the 6th floor of the Texas Depository a Mauser or a Carcano. Still, after all this time, a mystery surrounds Deputy Sherriff Roger Craig and how his testimony of what happened that day would have single handedly derailed the case against Lee Harvey Oswald. Dallas Traffic Commission named Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig "Officer of the Year" in 1960. Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig was on the scene of the JFK assassination as it happened and was part of the active investigation that followed. He identified Oswald hurriedly getting into a Rambler and leaving Dealy Plaza then identified the rifle found on the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository as a Mauser rather than a Carcano. He gave testimony to the Warren Commission and later found his tape recorded statements had been changed when they were typed and put into evidence. Some of the conflicting statements and evidence are that: 1.Craig reported Oswald leaving to the man in command of the investigation who identified himself as being with the "Secret Service" and later identified as Edgar Eugene Bradley; 2.Oswald would later admit he had got into Ruth Paine's Rambler and left the scene; 3.Craig said that Tippit was shot before 1:06 PM. (The Warren Commission concluded Tippit was shot after 1:15 PM to give Oswald time to get to the scene of Tippit's murder.... Craig was fired in 1967 and as he continued to stand by his story was harrased to the point of being followed/monitored, shot at, having his car bombed and then in a car accident was almost killed but lived with serious disabilities afterward. He supposedly 'Committed Suicide' on May 15, 1975. If he had lived he would have been a valuable witness to those of us who investigated the assassination of JFK in 1977....


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OswaldPoliceBooked OswaldPoliceBooked OswaldPoliceRogerCraig OSWALD SHOT IN POLICE NOT SHERIFF JAIL
...The time was 12:15-PM. I was standing in front of the court house at 505 Main Street. Deputy Sheriff Jim Ramsey was standing behind me. We were waiting for the President of the United States. I had a feeling of pride that I was going to be not more than four feet from the President but deep inside something kept gnawing at me. I said to Jim Ramsey, "He's late". Jim's reply stunned me. He said, "Maybe somebody will shoot the son of a bitch". Then I realized the crowd was hostile. The men about me felt that they were forced to acknowledge his presence. Although he was the President, they were making statements like, "Why does he have to come to Dallas"?... The stage had been set, all the pawns were in place, the security had been withdrawn from that one vulnerable location. Come John F. Kennedy, come to Elm and Houston Streets in Dallas, Texas and take your place in history!...

JFK RadioInterview JACKIE JURA INTERVIEW MURDER OF JFK, Patrick Timpone, OneRadioNetwork, Nov 22, 2011

In Defense of Roger Craig
In his 1975 book Forgive My Grief author Penn Jones wrote, "Roger Craig was a great American". When Jones wrote those words, Craig, a former Deputy in the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, had recently died by his own hand. It was Jones' contention that "...the treatment Craig received after John F. Kennedy was assassinated...caused his death." Roger Dean Craig was an important witness to the JFK assassination, and his testimony is highly indicative of conspiracy. By now his story has been told many times by many different writers. But it appears there are those still attempting to smear Roger Craig's name and discount what he reported seeing on November 22, 1963...

KENNEDY-KILLING CONTINUES ANEW (Reader Anya asks if I've read "When They Kill a President" by Roger Craig and if so, what do I think about the book?...."Yes, I have read WHEN THEY KILL A PRESIDENT by Roger Craig and consider it a MUST READ. Roger Craig is an American hero who died in the line of duty..."


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