"What are the odds?"


"I think the chances are a little short of astronomical."

The Warren Commission ignored the testimony of Dr Robert McClelland -- one of the top surgeons trying to save JFK's life at Parkland Hospital -- when he said the massive hole in the back of JFK's head was an exit wound caused by a bullet entering the front of JFK's head and exploding his skull and brains out the back. See DOC MCCLELLAND JFK HEAD TESTIMONY

In the years following the Warren Commission McClelland joined the ranks of JFK assassination "conspiracy theorists" and by doing so fulfilled his destiny to be JFK's life-long witness on Earth. See DOC MCCLELLAND JFK CONSPIRACY THEORIST

In a radio interview in 2009 McClelland described a spiritual connection to JFK -- amazing coincidences that he calls "union syncronicity" -- but which could also be called "god-cidences".

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watch Interview Top Surgeon Robert McClelland in JFK Assassination, YouTube
by Canadian broadcaster Brent Holland, Night Fright, 2009

McClelland interview transcript begins at the one hour/ten minute mark:

...I've had some interesting coincidences -- don't know if you're into Union Synchronicity or not.

[1] The first one was this [1961]:

In October, two years before the assassination in November, I was finishing up in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was a surgery resident still. My wife was a nurse and was working across town at Baylor Hospital. One of the people she was taking care of there was Mr Sam Rayburn. Mr Rayburn -- you probably recall who he was -- he was Speaker of the House forever in Washington and he was the most important political figure -- even above the President in many ways, at that time -- and he had become ill. And it turns out he had pancreatic cancer and was being taken care of out here in Dallas because he was a Texan. At the hospital, while he was there, he also had a stroke. My wife was one of the nurses on his floor helping take care of him. She called me up one day and said 'I forgot to pick up my paycheque at Baylor and on your way home -- I never went to Baylor hospital usually -- would you stop there and pick up my cheque?' and I said 'Sure, I'll be glad to'.

So I left work a little early and drove over to Baylor hospital, where I never went -- this is very unusual -- and got out of my car and was walking up the street in front of Baylor and looked to my left and there, coming down at me, was three or four motorcycle cops heading up a procession of three long black limousenes. At the time there was a side street, which is no longer there, at Baylor. And I got to that side-street entrance at Baylor about the same time the motorcycle cops and the lead limousene arrived at that side-entrance. We all stopped there at the side-entrance at the same time. I was standing by the rear door of the lead limousene, close enough to it that one of the cops got off his motorcycle and came down and gently and politely asked me to step back out of the way so that he could open the rear door of the limousine for the occupant of the limousine. And as he did that, and opened the door -- and I was standing where I could touch the person who got out of the limousene from where I was standing -- I just stepped back a little bit -- and out stepped John F Kennedy.

I could have leaned over and patted him on the back. He rapidly strode up the steps into the hospital and disappeared. He had flown into Dallas especially to see Mr Sam Rayburn because of political clout. And I just happened to be there. And what are the odds that one of the two people helping to take care of him two years later would have been standing there close enough to touch him. It's astromonically -- I was never in that part of Dallas, ever.

That's the first of the 'How About That' sort of things.

[2] Then forward a little bit [1975]::

One day, much later than that a few years -- around the time I first saw the Zapruder film -- I still had a fairly busy private practice and I operated not only at Parkland but also at Presbyterian hospital across town for private patients. I got a phone call one day from a friend of mine who's a surgeon at Presbyterian and he said 'I operated today on a man for gastric cancer and he's not doing real well and I think he's got some problems that I need to re-explore him for'. He said 'I want to find out if you're going to be at Presbyterian this afternoon if you would mind scrubbing with me on him". And I said "No, I don't mind at all, I'll help you with that'. So I got over there about 4 or 5 that afternoon and walked into the Presbyterian operating room -- past the operating room nurse there in charge of the desk -- and I said 'What room are we operating in, Jane?'. In fact she had been a nurse at Parkland and was now in charge of the operating room at Presbyterian. She said 'I think you're in room 5'. So I walked back to see who the name of the doctor was -- to be sure that that's where we were, in room 5. And the name of the patient that was posted in Room 5, that I was to help operate on, was Mr A. Zapruder. I was helping operate on the man -- I'd helped operate on Oswald, Kennedy and Connolly -- and now also on Mr Zapruder of the assassination film....

Again, I think the chances of that are a little short of astronomical.

[3] Then I remember the day [1988] that I went to the National Archives [in Washington, DC] to see the pictures of the assassination:

I got into the national airport, collected my bag, stood out to get a cab to go to my hotel. I got to the rear part of the cab, put the bag in the back, got into the back of the cab. This was in 1988 and at the time the Democratic Convention was just starting. And guess who was delivering the Opening Address at the Democratic Convention that the cab driver had on the radio as I got into the cab. It was John F Kennedy Junior talking at the national convention. I listened to him speak on the way to the hotel....

watch John F Kennedy Jr Powerful Speech, 1988 Democratic National Convention (introducing his uncle Ted Kennedy), YouTube

TrueCompassTedCvr TrueCompassPg212

I think the Kennedys know what happened.... I got Ted's book, the one that just came out, that he wrote [True Compass]. And I specifically looked up in that book what he said about the Warren Commission. It's kind of that 'me thinks he doth protest too much' sort of statement -- he went on for half a page about how he thought that was exactly what happened, how he completely agreed with the Warren Commission....

~ end quoting Dr McClelland interview ~


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watch Interview Top Surgeon Robert McClelland in JFK Assassination, by Brent Holland, Night Fright, 2009, YouTube

listen Interview Top Surgeon Robert McClelland in JFK Assassination, DVP, YouTube (Many interesting and rarely-heard tidbits of information are revealed by Dr McClelland during this insightful 1-hour, 20-minute interview....Dr McClelland believes in a conspiracy surrounding President Kennedy's assassination.... This interview is a fascinating glimpse into the thoughts of one of the few people in the world who had a first-hand look at JFK immediately after he was gunned down on Elm Street in Dallas.)



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