Sometimes stories appear in the news that develop Orwellian concepts beyond what even he imagined in "1984". Those type of stories will be included in this developing section or "Orwell Today". ~ Jackie Jura


Lee beats Smith as most common name (Canada on brink of name wipe-out) & 100 most common names in Vancouver (Lee-Wong-Chan-Smith-Kim-Chen...). Vancouver Sun, Nov 4, 2007

"Eyes on the screen -- not the road" Watching TV while driving is okay ("all the better to watch you with") & Watching TV while driving is not safe (gov't pushing broadcasting technology). Korea Times, Jan 8, 2006

Implants turn humans into cyborgs (RFID chips already used in livestock & merchandise tracking). VancouverSun, Jan 7, 2006. Go to HUMANS SCANNED LIKE GROCERIES & RFID CHIP MARK OF BEAST

THE CHINESE ARE COMING! Toronto Star, Feb 3, 2005

Public autopsy art going worldwide (body-donation program entitles person to be flayed & dissected). Boston Globe, Mar 6, 2004

Watch your tiny surveillance camera! view kids playroom (from work!) view store/office (from home!) view dogs in yard (from work!) see if boss's car in lot (from home!) view kitchen-is dinner ready? (from work!). Pop Up Ad, Jan 24, 2004. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police & 23.The Proles

Real victims of sleep deprivation (Reality TV show 'Shattered' uses torture as light entertainment). BBC, Jan 11, 2004. Go to 34.Ministry of Love (Hate) & 39.Interrogation & Torture & 16.Minitrue

Sexing up cellphone ads (camera phones being promoted for taking sneaky dirty pictures). Globe & Mail, Dec 18, 2003. Go to CAMERA PHONE PIG ADS

Camera phones fastest selling tech device (take pictures on run & email from phone)., Dec 8, 2003. Go to PREDICTIONS FOR CELL PHONES

Photo phones spark privacy fears. SwissInfo, Jun 21, 2003
Zurich has banned visitors to the city's public swimming pools from secretly using mobile phones with Multimedia Message Service (MMS) capabilities to photograph other bathers. Photos taken with MMS phones can be quickly uploaded to sites on the internet... Those who repeatedly try to snap bathers without the subject's permission may be hit with a poolside ban... MMS was introduced in May 2002 and today we have 150,000 users.

Neighbourhood cameras never sleep (residents tape & monitor street to help police get leads). IndyStar, Jun 20, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Police/Snitches

Wireless cameras for everyone (can be hidden everywhere & images seen everywhere). New Scientist, May 19, 2003. Go to 1.Diary & 3.Surveillance

Tobacco shortage for troops (forced nicotine withdrawal at worst possible time). Yahoo!AP, Apr 1, 2003. Go to 11.Ministry of Plenty (Starvation) & TOBACCO TORTURE & SMOKING SOLDIER'S LAMENT

'Black box' monitors teen driving (where-when-how & audio warnings). Globe & Mail, Nov 14, 2002

The spy business (300 different kinds of cameras). National Post, Jul 21, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance

Students digitally tracking friends (on a zoomable map accessible to all). Salon Magazine, Jun 11, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance

Reality TV has Satanic cult following in USA (Black Sabbath star to meet President). UK Independent, Apr 18, 2002. Go to 25.Prolefeed and WITCHES & WIZARDS??

BBC creates reality-tv show 'The Experiment' (dubbed 'BIG BROTHER with no taste'). Globe & Mail, Nov 3, 2001. Go to Prolefeed

Big Parent is watching, virtually. National Post, Aug 27, 2001. Go to Surveillance

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